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How To Host A Sky Zone Birthday Party In Fenton, MO

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Birthdays are a big deal around here and even more so when it’s a jumping good time. A Sky Zone birthday party sounds just perfectly dandy. We love to visit the trampoline park near us but have yet to do a party there. That doesn’t mean we won’t be doing one in the future! Perhaps we will do a family party of sorts at Sky Zone. Let’s get real… I say it’s always a good time to have a party. So even if it’s not a birthday party you can do a family party. Have you ever done one of those just for fun? It promotes family togetherness. You can simply celebrate being a family. Something that we all need to do a little more often. In our busy lives we lose touch of what’s really important. In 2017 I want to make more of an effort to focus on what’s really important. Family.

This is from a past visit to Sky Zone. Our little lady loves to jump around and you can see the pure joy on her face. Such a great place for the family to spend time together. Her laugh is contagious and she loves Sky Zone. The place combines fun and exercise in one. I say that’s a definite win. It gets kids out on trampolines to work out some energy and they have such a fun time together.

How To Host A Sky Zone Birthday Party

It’s so easy to host a birthday party at Sky Zone because everything is taken care of for you. Fun, food, beverages, party room, clean up, assigned host to run the party, and more!


Image source: Sky Zone



Party guests can play dodgeball and just jump around having a really dandy time.


Image source: Sky Zone





Image source: Sky Zone





Image source: Sky Zone

Get a great deal HERE on a Sky Zone birthday party. You can save $50 off the party OR you can get $5 off open jump.

Have you ever had a Sky Zone birthday party? Tell me about it!

Stay tuned for when we party at Sky Zone…


Sunday 5th of September 2021

Best view i have ever seen !

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