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How To Create A Snowflake Birthday Party

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Our little gal wanted to have a Frozen birthday. Again. No offense to Frozen or anything — because we really do love Disney a lot — but we did that party already a couple of years ago. It was a darling party at a former venue here in St. Louis called Once Upon A Bash. (Sadly the business closed back in 2016.) This time around I convinced her to mix things up a bit and call it a “snowflake birthday party”. That’s just what we did and it was a hit. Such a fun party theme and super easy to do. In fact I kind of want to have another snowflake party while it’s still winter!

How To Create A Snowflake Birthday Party


Snowflakes make the perfect party theme for celebrating a winter birthday. So beautiful and fitting for the season. Here are some simple ways to create a party that is unique just like a snowflake!

What you’ll need for the party:


Snowflake decorations.

I hit Dollar Tree right after Christmas and got tons of snowflake decorations for only 50 cents each!




Snowflake craft supplies.

These foam snowflakes were perfect for the kids to decorate.




Snowflake cookies for decorating.

I didn’t want to cut out that many sugar cookies so I ordered these snowflake shaped ones from our favorite bakery.




Snowflake games.

I made these tic-tac-toe bags as party favors and I love how they turned out. You can download the free printable HERE.



And of course every snowflake party needs a little Elsa. 

This was definitely one of my favorite birthday parties to create. I hope these tips helped you in creating your own party. Definitely let me know how it works for you!



Have you ever had a snowflake birthday party?








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