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How To Create A Snowflake Birthday Party

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Walking in a birthday winter wonderland! It’s so easy to wow your party guests with a fun and festive snowflake design theme when celebrating those December and January birthdays. Or honestly anytime that you want to have a snowflake birthday party!

How To Create A Snowflake Birthday Party

Our little gal wanted to have a Frozen birthday. Again. No offense to Frozen or anything — because we really do love Disney a lot — but we did that party already a couple of years ago. It was a darling party at a former venue here in St. Louis called Once Upon A Bash. (Sadly the business closed back in 2016.) This time around I convinced her to mix things up a bit and call it a “snowflake birthday party”. That’s just what we did and it was indeed a hit. Such a fun party theme and super easy to do. In fact I kind of want to have another snowflake party while it’s still winter!

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What makes a snowflake unique?

No two snowflakes will ever be the same! As the precipitation and snow falls to the ground the air, wind and distance create differences. Making each and every one unique!

Below are all the party supplies and some simple ways to create a birthday party that is oh so very unique… just like a snowflake!

Snowflake Birthday Party

Snowflakes make the perfect party theme for celebrating a winter birthday. So beautiful and fitting for the season. And honestly the party decorating actually doubles as holiday decorations. It’s a win win!

snowflake birthday party




Everything you’ll need for a snowflake birthday party:


Snowflake Craft Supplies

paper snowflakes

These foam snowflakes (I found them at Dollar Tree) were perfect for the kids to decorate using silver glitter, snowflake stickers, snowflake confetti, assorted sequins and fake snow. Basically you cannot go wrong with a craft at a kid birthday party. It’s a real time filler and kids love to make something to then take home. I also printed off some snowflake folding templates that the kids could cut out with scissors. Overall there’s nothing that I would have done differently with that party activity!



Snowflake Cookies For Decorating

snowflake birthday party sugar cookies

winter cookie decorating

A craft and birthday party dessert in one! Sugar cookie decorating is definitely the way to go for any themed party. I didn’t want to cut out that many sugar cookies myself (or bake them) so I ordered these blank snowflake shaped ones already done for me from Federhofer’s Bakery. It’s a family favorite when it comes to bakeries here in St. Louis. Add some icing and sprinkles on the party table and let the kids go wild designing their very own snowflake cookie!



Snowflake Games

snowflake birthday party favors

I made these tic-tac-toe bags as party favors and I love how they turned out. It was a fun game activity for the kids to do during downtime at the party and a favor to take home in one! You can download the free printable HERE. Next time I do a snowflake themed party I think that I’d also have a “pin the snowflake on the winter scene” game or something like that. How cute would that be?!


Of course every snowflake birthday party needs a little Elsa!



Snowflake Decorations

snowflake birthday party

I hit my local dollar store right after Christmas and got tons of snowflake party decorations for only 50 cents each! Sparkling snowflakes hanging everywhere from the ceiling was the perfect finishing touch to this magical birthday.

This was definitely one of my most favorite birthday parties to create and it was such a great time. The only think that I would do differently would be add a decorated white Christmas tree in the corner of the room I hope these tips helped you in creating your own party! It’s also a great theme for a winter wedding, baby shower or first birthday party. Just think… Such a fun winter ONEderland birthday party idea for that baby girl or boy turning one!


Have you ever had a snowflake birthday party?

What worked well for you?

Would you do the theme again?

Did you use a snowflake theme for a different type of party?

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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