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Southwestern Christmas Gift Tags Free Printables

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We spent the first 6 years of our marriage living in San Antonio, Texas so naturally the Southwest always calls to me. It’s a wonderful place and we returned to St. Louis with so many fond memories of our time there. We miss our friends from life in Texas but I know that they will always be part of who we are. When I saw these Southwestern Christmas gift tags from Dorky Doodles they brought a smile to my face because the little mustached red chili pepper made me think of Christmas in San Antonio.

Southwestern Christmas gift tags printable.

One year while living there we gave our families some red chili pepper ornaments with a cute ‘legend of the chili pepper’ story attached. Turned out really cute. I need to dig up that story… But of course these dandy gift tags will do for the moment!

Southwestern Christmas Gift Tags Free Printables

Aren’t they so adorable! And you can’t beat free. *wink*

Just print ’em out from HERE.

Holiday gift cards in a Southwest theme. Easy to make and several styles to choose from.


Gift Tags At Dorky Doodles

At Dorky Doodles you’ll find plenty of great digital clipart images so be sure to check it out. But those gift tags though… Won’t those Southwestern Christmas gift tags look adorable on a Southwestern gift?

Gifts To Go With The Gift Tags

Here’s a few of my favorite ideas:

1.) Southwestern rugs

2.) Southwestern  throw pillows

3.) Southwestern sweaters

Looks like it’s going to be a Southwestern Christmas this year in the Midwest!

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Have you ever been to San Antonio at Christmastime? Such a great time of the year to visit Texas but especially to visit San Antonio because the Riverwalk is all aglow with holiday lights and decor. It’s one of my favorites. One day we will hopefully make it back there around the holidays. One day.

Happy Southwestern Christmas!


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