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Spirit of St. Louis Lifts Off at Union Station Ferris Wheel

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All aboard the St. Louis Wheel at Union Station! No offense to Charles Lindbergh, but I’ve always thought of the Spirit of St. Louis as being more than just an airplane. We are a city rich in history and there’s something to be said about that fact. It makes the location for the Union Station ferris wheel even more fitting.

St. Louis Union Station ferris wheel must see travel destination.

Spirit of St. Louis Lifts Off at Union Station Ferris Wheel

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to experience the St. Louis Wheel before it opens.

St. Louis is more than just Charles Lindbergh

The old train yard has finally been revitalized and I’m beyond thrilled about what it means for our city. We’ve all grown up hearing the stories our grandparents would tell of the marvelous Union Station back when it was in its hay day. Years from now I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren about that time when I was one of the first in St. Louis to experience the Wheel.

Union Station train yard and the St. Louis Wheel.

A mix of old and new.


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View from the St. Louis Wheel of Union Station, downtown St. Louis and the Gateway Arch.

The view from this Union Station ferris wheel is amazing.

Facts About The Union Station Ferris Wheel

  • From the top you’ll experience a 20 mile view of our skyline.
  • Each gondola is climate controlled. 
  • There’s even a VIP one with a glass floor!
  • The wheel stands 200 feet tall.
  • 1.6 million led lights in different colors and patterns adorn the wheel.


More details about the Union Station ferris wheel:

Hours of operation: The St. Louis Wheel will be open from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. every day. Even on holidays! There will be later hours on certain dates that have events at the Enterprise Center.

Ride Length: The ride will late approximately 12 to 15 minutes. This includes the three rotations (one rotation takes 2 minutes), loading and unloading.

Ticket Price: Adults are $15 and $10 for children.

More information HERE.

Taking a ride on The Polar Express Train Ride? Show your train ticket and ride the Wheel for a child’s price.

More Fun

Union Station carousel horses.

Union Station Carousel



Union Station miniature golf.

View of the Union Station miniature golf and carousel.

You’ll also find more fun at The Wheel with Union Station mini golf and a beautiful Union Station carousel!


The St. Louis Wheel opens on September 30th.


The St. Louis Wheel and St. Louis Aquarium.

See the hint of the St. Louis Aquarium? Take a sneak peek on the amazing aquarium right on the blog HERE.


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