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Spreading The Flu… I Mean Birthday Cheer.

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In my opinion the Prince song should have been titled “5”, because that’s the number in my family.  “All 5 and we’ll watch them fall.”  We’ve all slowly fallen to the dreaded influenza.  No positive flu test needs to tell me what we have.  We have it.  The flu.  I keep telling myself that it could be so much worse.  All 5 of us were vaccinated against the flu a few months back and despite that fact we are still spreading the flu.  Since we were vaccinated then we are somewhat protected from the mutated version that’s sweeping the country.  That’s why it could be so much worse.  We have some immunities.  Some.  Gotta look at the dandy side of things, right?

Today is this girl’s birthday.  She came into our lives 3 years ago, just two days after Christmas, and completely not expected since she wasn’t due until the end of January.  But we wouldn’t change it for the world!


In spite of it all we partied it up and laughed in the face of spreading the flu.  Well, we tried.  Our little princess only perked up sometimes.  The rest of us put on a good face for the birthday girl.  Birthdays are truly a magical time in the eyes of children.  A child can make dandiness out of the flu.  I know this, because I watched it happen.


I left the sick house briefly to gather the birthday necessities.  Happy Meals and bakery cupcakes made for the perfect birthday celebration.  We dined, we sang, and we ate cake.


We forgot all about spreading the flu.  At least for a little while.



Happiness is turning 3.

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