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Best Holiday Attraction: St. Louis Polar Express Train Ride

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We took a ride on the best holiday attraction here in St. Louis and it was dandy! When I heard that the St. Louis Polar Express train ride was coming to Union Station I was ecstatic to make memories with my children. I’ve always loved going to St. Louis Union Station. For me it’s a magical place that’s full of fond memories.  Growing up my grandparents would take me there to shop and wander the halls of the old train station. I’d hear them reflect on the days gone by when it was an active place for transportation. They were reliving a bit of their past and even as a child I recognized the significance. It was a place that was important to them and it became an important place to me. A place where I will always have memories of my grandparents.

Best Holiday Attraction: St. Louis Polar Express Train Ride

My family and I were able to attend the preview night of the St. Louis Polar Express Train Ride. (I received free media passes to write this review.) It was the perfect evening to be downtown. The historic train station was all decked for the holidays. Only added to the already magical feeling. I’ve always loved the Polar Express story. It contains gorgeous pictures and has such a beautiful message. St. Louis is very lucky to have a Polar Express stop so that kids can climb aboard and journey to the North Pole!

Our adventure began with a ticket and an invitation to climb aboard.

We dined on chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa. Since we have a child with a peanut allergy and I have celiac disease I was so impressed with the fact that the cookies were perfect for everyone. Each cookie on the Polar Express is individual wrapped: nut free, gluten free, and dairy free! You would never know it either because these cookies were seriously so tasty. Just one part of the magic of the Polar Express!

The train decor is also magical.

Definitely decked out for the holidays!


The kids enjoyed being able to stretch their legs on the foot rests and look out the windows along the journey.

And journey we did.

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All the way to the North Pole!

And of course no trip to the North Pole is complete without a visit from Santa.

Our youngest was so excited to show the man in red the Santas on his jammies!

The St. Louis Polar Express train ride is one that I’m sure we will be taking for years to come. I know that our little gal wants to go back just to tell everyone her joke again.

She for sure told the joke over and over again after Santa gave out the silver bells.

I fear the teenage years with this girl…

Tickets are still available to take a ride on the Polar Express so reserve your seats HERE today!

Have you been on the Polar Express? What did you think?








Friday 13th of August 2021

Best view i have ever seen !

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