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St. Louis Union Station Aquarium Virtual Events

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Feeling like a shut in and not able to explore your city right now? Yep. Same here. Check out all the Union Station Aquarium virtual events that are coming out of St. Louis! Perfect for whether you are in St. Louis or not.

Free fun St. Louis Union Station aquarium virtual events

St. Louis Union Station Aquarium Virtual Events


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The plan was for us to spend much of last week at Union Station here in St. Louis. Going into spring break this year we decided to do a staycation. My husband took three days off work and we were just going to enjoy St. Louis fun. The St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station was one of the places we were looking forward to. I haven’t been inside since the early construction phase and my family has no idea what it’s like. We were so excited to experience all the habitats. All of that changed, of course. We had no idea what our idea of a staycation really meant. My husband wasn’t able to have the days off anymore (he needed to report to work instead) and the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station closed along with the rest of the city when social distancing became the thing.


Have a look at the St. Louis Aquarium virtual events!


It all started with a sloth…

Breakfast with Coconut the sloth was a hit!




Fun with Thatcher, Sawyer and Finn.

These adorable river otters are what my daughter was looking forward to seeing most of all!


From there, virtual events have been happening on a daily basis. All ages are enjoying these videos, people are interacting, kids are drawing pictures, and it’s most definitely connecting the community. Something that is especially important right now.


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Thank you so much to the St. Louis Aquarium for providing this. You are bringing joy to homes across the nation. My family cannot wait to visit you in person after this social distancing is all over. We truly are all in this together.



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