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Star Wars Day Coloring Poster May The Fourth Be With You

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May the fourth be with you and happy Star Wars Day! Oh and Happy Baby Yoda Day! May 4th is basically happy all the galaxy things, am I right? A Star Wars Day coloring poster is the perfect way for the entire family to celebrate. That’s right. This giant coloring poster is not just for kids. Adults will have fun coloring designs, too. In fact this adult coloring poster most definitely makes a great decoration for Star Wars Day, too!

star wars day coloring poster

Star Wars Day Coloring Poster May The Fourth Be With You

Such an easy DIY! Simply print off the poster on regular white paper and start coloring.

I had a lot of fun creating this giant coloring poster for you! The entire family will have a great time coloring together. Easy to create with this free printable image file and a home printer. Don’t have a printer at home? Not a problem. Simply send this image file into Office Depot or OfficeMax to have it printed as a poster. You can even put a few poster prints together to create a giant adult coloring book!

Is An Adult Coloring Book A New Concept?

Adult coloring is not at all a new concept. There have been adult coloring books and adult coloring pages around for ages. Giant posters are a lot of fun and a great gift idea. Simply roll the poster up, tie around a ribbon and give with a package for coloring pencils.

Benefits of Adult Coloring

Coloring is a great way to relax and an excellent way to reduce anxiety. I find it particularly wonderful just sitting down with some crayons, a coloring book and listening to my favorite music. Just a really great way to unwind when life gets crazy busy.

Life is busy with four kids. It just is. I’m always going here, there and everywhere. Mostly driving. I’m the taxi service for my kids and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being a mom. But I do like to sit down in the evenings to watch a favorite show on television. At the same time I cannot just relax and watch a show because my mind just keeps running thinking it needs to be busy. That’s where coloring comes in. I can color while watching a television show!

These black and white mandala prints here on the blog are another adult coloring option!

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Easy Star Wars Craft

This makes for such a fun way to celebrate Star Wars Day! Kids will enjoy decorating this giant poster at school, so it’s also a great idea for the classroom!

What you’ll need:

That’s it! All you need!

star wars day coloring poster

This is quite possibly the easiest Star Wars craft that you will ever do. When it comes to talent this is on that doesn’t really require much coloring skill at all. Most definitely one that you can do over and over again. Every May 4th if you want to! All you need is some printable poster paper (you can find several different sizes of poster paper here), a printer and the following free printable coloring page.

And Voila! You have yourself a black and white poster that you can color.

Want to leave it as black and white art? You totally can. It’s a great piece of wall art that can be made colorful or not depending on your home decor style.

Get the free coloring page printable HERE.

It’s that easy to create your very own Star Wars Day coloring poster that features the May the fourth be with you phrase. Works well as a Star Wars coloring page, too!

Have a Star Wars themed movie room in your house? This is the perfect decorating option for that, too.

Unique Star Wars Gifts

Another fun way to celebrate Star Wars Day is with unique Star Wars gifts. There are so many great options out there. Here are just a few of my favorite finds!

Death Star 3D Lamp

death star lamp 3d star wars day coloring

Such a fun lamp. I know that my kids would really enjoy having this in their rooms.

Get the Death Star 3D lamp HERE.

Darth Vader Cookie Jar

darth vader cookie jar

Coolest Star Wars cookie jar ever! Can you just picture it filled with Star Wars cookies? My kids would definitely be fans of that idea.

Get the Darth Vader cookie jar HERE.



Calling all LEGO fans! If you love LEGOS and love Star Wars then the LEGO AT-AT Walker is a must have for your collection. Get the LEGO AT-AT Walker HERE.

Baby Yoda Waffle Maker

baby yoda waffle maker

Such a cute idea for breakfast! My kids are obsessed with Baby Yoda or as he’s officially called, Grogu. Definitely a must have waffle maker for any Star Wars fan.

Get the Baby Yoda waffle maker HERE.

Light Saber Toothbrush

star wars day coloring light saber tooth brush

Kids can brush their teeth and play at the same time with this light saber toothbrush. The perfect way to encourage kids to work harder on their dental hygiene.

Get the light saber toothbrush HERE.

R2D2 Cookie Cutter

r2d2 cookie cutter

The cookie cutter that everyone wants to have! It’s simply to make your own Star Wars cookies.

Get the R2D2 cookie cutter HERE.

There are just so many unique Star Wars gift items to choose from! All are perfect for Star Wars Day and to give as gifts.

Like the Star Wars Day coloring poster?

Remember it’s not just a coloring poster, but also works great as a Star Wars coloring page!

I have so many other free printable options right here on Seeing Dandy! Be sure to check out the other blank coloring pages on the blog HERE.


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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