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Star Wars Funnel Cakes For Force Friday

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I know what you are thinking.  Star Wars Funnel Cakes?  Is that even a thing?  Well, I decided to give it a try.  Before I get started…  Any guesses as to if this was a success or not???  *wink*  Alright so who’s ready to learn how to make the most perfectly dandy Star Wars Funnel Cakes?  Here goes…

The thing is… I love funnel cakes.  I love that my mom used to make them for me when I was a kid.  I love going to the fair or to a carnival and just eating that yummy fried goodness right up.  I love those famous funnel cakes at Walt Disney World.  Have you ever had those.  Oh my.  So dandy.  Not surprisingly I’ve been trying to perfect the funnel cake technique for a while now.  I want to be that mom.  The funnel cake mom.

So I found some really great recipes and got to work.  (We’ve already established that I don’t create my own recipes.  No time and talent for that around here.)

funnel cakes

And then I tried out the whole funnel thing…

funnel cake fail

And then I figured that if I just poured it into a Star Wars mold it would come out wonderfully…

force friday

And then this happened…

star wars

Think pancake meets hockey puck.

The force was definitely not with me while coming up with this great idea.

Or while making this mess.


Perhaps I should have titled this, “How NOT to make Star Wars Funnel Cakes”.  Well.  Now you know.  Now off to figure out how to truly create the perfect funnel cake.

Any suggestions???

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