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How to Make Strawberry Freezer Jam With Sure-Jell

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Spring time is the best time to get the mason jars out and start prepping for canning strawberries. While there are so many different methods for canning jars of jam, making strawberry freezer jam with Sure-Jell is indeed the best way. Store-bought jam can be so expensive and full of preservatives. Freezer jam is definitely the way to go!

sure-jell strawberry freezer jam

How to Make Strawberry Freezer Jam With Sure-Jell

Once upon a time I worked at Pence’s apple orchard. All during high school actually. I think the experience only added to my love of fall. Apples, cider, pumpkins, bales of hay… all the fall things were at that orchard. Just thinking about it brings back those awesome smells of fall.

The orchard was also open in the spring time for strawberry season and had quite the patch for people to pick in. There’s nothing else quite like picking your own fresh strawberries! My time working at the orchard (especially during strawberry season) will forever be a memory due to a hilarious incident that occurred.

strawberry picking

Before I had my driver’s license my grandfather would drive me to work and one day he insisted that I would practice my driving. I began to feel really nervous when I noticed that a guy from school was driving right behind me. As I turned into the orchard the unimaginable happened. My grand tank of a car (old blue Ford Fairmont) had absolutely no power steering and I didn’t realize this. Until it was too late. I turned the corner into the orchard, continued turning, drove his car down the hill and sunk all four tires right into the middle of the strawberry patch. It has just rained and the mud was deep. My boss had to pull the car out with his tractor. So embarrassing, but my grandfather swore me to secrecy. He drove his car straight to the car was while I worked and no one would ever know. Only we lived in a small town…

My boss was good friends with my great-uncle and the rest was history. That weekend we were all at dinner at my great-grandmother’s house and my uncle casually asked, “So did mud get in your gas tank?” and then laughed hysterically. The gig was up and it’s something that I never lived down in my family. That Monday when I showed up for school everyone knew (due to the classmate who had been driving behind me seeing the entire thing) so I never lived it down there either. Ha! At least I can laugh about it now?

Thanks for humoring me by allowing me to share that oh so fun memory with you. But strawberries… you can never go wrong with local strawberries so definitely seek out a berry farm where you live. The grocery store probably even carries some locally grown fresh berries so that’s an option as well.

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What is the difference between freezer jam and regular jam?

Unlike traditional jam, the fruit in freezer jam doesn’t need to be cooked. There’s really no special equipment (like a pressure cooker needed) when using Sure-Jell fruit pectin. Plus, by avoiding the cooking process the fruit in the homemade jam is more firm and holds a prettier, more appetizing color.

Easy Homemade Strawberry Freezer Jam Recipe

The perfect way to keep that fresh strawberry flavor all year long is with freezer jam!

You will need:

2 quarts of fresh strawberries

6-8 cups of sugar (use the less sugar amount if you prefer a less sweet strawberry mixture)

3/4 cups water (you can use more water if you prefer a thinner jam consistency to use as an ice cream topping)

1 package Sure-Jell pectin (or any no-cook freezer jam fruit pectin mixture will work)

Freezer-grade containers for your jam (most everything we buy now is, just check the label to make sure it’s freezer-safe)

pints fresh strawberries

How to make delicious strawberry freezer jam:

Step 1: First thing is first. Wash and cut the stems off of your strawberries. Then slice up strawberries and place in a large bowl.

Step 2: Mash strawberries. You can use a potato masher, a food processor, a blender, or one of those food chopper tools that you use for dicing fruits and veggies for making salsa. Smash up the fresh fruit to the consistency you prefer. If you like a jam that is more chunky then make sure not to mash into small bits of fruit.

sugar strawberries

Step 3: Stir in sugar and water. The sugar mixture will create a strawberry juice.

Step 4: Prepare the Sure-Jell with the recipe on the pectin box and then stir into strawberry mixture.

Step 5: Spoon into plastic containers, glass jars or other freezer-safe containers and freeze. (Yes, glass makes for excellent storage containers in the freezer. The plastic variety just don’t break as easily.)

Step 6: Simply thaw jam to use and you can put it on everything you’d like to. I’m talking bread, crackers, muffins, banana bread or perhaps just a spoon! This is also absolute perfection served over vanilla ice cream.

sure-jell strawberry freezer jam recipe

How long is freezer jam good for?

Freezer jam can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months. Any jam that is unthawed will need to be refrigerated and used within a week.

More Canning Ideas

One of these days I’ll have to get my great grandmother’s recipe box out and try my hand at her canning recipes. She would make cucumber pickles of many different kinds that were seriously to die for.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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