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7 Succulents You Can Grow Easily Even If You’re A Newbie

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Succulents are one of the easiest ways to decorate your house as they look exotic and provide a myriad of color variations. But, the best part about them is probably the fact that a lot of them are easy to grow and hence provide you with experience about growing plants. Plus, it saves you some money too! On that note, here are 7 succulents that you can grow easily if you’re a newbie.


7 Succulents You Can Grow Easily Even If You’re A Newbie


Aloe Vera

This succulent is rather popular for its medicinal properties but you may not know that it’s quite simple to grow as well. Just keep the plant in full sunlight, and water it when the leaves seem to start looking dry. Any time you get a wound or a burn, the sap from this prickly plant will help in soothing the pain and speeding up the healing process, making it a quite useful one as well!



Crown of Thorns

If you need something a bit more colorful, then crown of thorns is the succulent you’re looking for. Keep it under direct sunlight for a while and watch it bloom throughout the year in awesome shades of pink with little yellow pollen in the middle. It doesn’t warrant a lot of water, either.




You’ll probably mistake these for stones or pebbles when you visit someone else’s place who grow these. However, they set themselves apart through these little patterns on top which look super cool. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on these, either.



Pencil Cactus

As much as the ‘cactus’ in the name would sound unsettling, this succulent plant is actually really pretty with thin, green branches. You just have to keep it in sunlight and water it semi-regularly to keep it in great condition. Although, if you’re not a fan of tall plants you might want to cut its branches from time to time as they can get as tall as 6 feet.



String of Pearls

Though it’s scientific name is Senecio rowleyanus, the string of pearls are a slow-growing but low maintenance succulent plant that only need watering when the soil has dried out. That, and being under bright, indirect sunlight is all you need to do. They’re pretty affordable too, setting you back by less than 20 dollars even after including the pot and the soil.




Paddle Plant

Aptly named due to paddle-shaped leaves, the slight tinge of pink on the edges of its otherwise green leaves makes it a good plant to have in combination with succulents that have red or purple leaves/flowers. Water it semi-regularly and keep it under bright and indirect sunlight and your paddle plant will be just fine.




Flaming Katy

Image Source House Plants Experts

As far as names go, unfortunately ‘flaming katy’ doesn’t really have yellow leaves per se although its flowers bloom in different colors from white to red to pink to yellow. Regardless, these require minimal effort to maintain but they are toxic to your pet dog or cat so its advised to keep it out of their reach or opt for the other ones if you have a furry friend.


So many different species to choose from. These pretties all make great gifts, too.


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