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Summer toys at a dandy deal

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Now is the perfect time of the year to stock up on summer toys.  The reason being is you will get these summer toys at a really great price and you will be all prepared for next summer.  How dandy is that plan?!  Plus your kiddos can still get some use out of these summer toys this season.  I mean honestly.  Most of us can play outside from now until winter.  Here in the Midwest we have quite the glorious fall season.  Lots of time left to use the summer toys around here.  So why not get the dandy deal now, be prepared for next year, and have some fun into the fall outside?  Summer toys.  Dandy deal.  Do I really need to explain further?  *wink*

But who wants to buy some summer toys that just get put away in storage for the winter?  I for one do not have room for that.  We have been trying to de-clutter our lives and if I purchase more that just needs to be stored away…  Well now that’s just defeating the entire de-clutter purpose!  In my mind the best purchase of summer toys are ones that can be used indoors as well.  Then they don’t have to be stored away.  They can be used in the basement or playroom and then if the weather permits during winter they around to go right back outside.  If they are stored away somewhere it would be that much more difficult to get the summer toys use in the winter.  Just think of it…  Summer toys converted to inside toys converted to winter outdoor toys.  Mind officially blown.  But in a very dandy way.  Of course.

My picks for the summer toys that fit the above mind blowing example AND at a very dandy deal?  Have a look…

Little Tikes Stool Seats for only $6.99!


That’s right.  You get BOTH for that dandy price.

The perfect seats for outdoors and indoors.

But my most favorite summer toys at a dandy deal?  These cuties.  The Little Tikes Jelly Bean Racers.



How cute are they?!  And a steal at only $14.99.

THE perfect ride-ons that can go from being summer toys to inside toys to warm winter day toys.

But at that price…  You might want to just buy and hold onto for Christmas.  Just saying.

Happy Shopping!  The Dandy Way!

*this posting contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own.

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