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Sunshine And Lollipops Free Printable Llama Valentines

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Is it just me or are llamas everywhere right now? Seriously everywhere. Even right here on the blog with these free printable llama Valentines. Perfect for Heart’s Day!

Free printable llama Valentines


Sunshine And Lollipops Free Printable Llama Valentines

This printable Valentine is a nod to the Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows song by Leslie Gore.

I’m one of the volunteer mamas for the school store at my children’s elementary school. We have lots of adorable llama notebooks and they are constantly selling out. Who knew that they would be so popular? That reminds me that I need to order more for this month’s school store!

Below are the llama notebooks that we have at the school. Aren’t they so cute?!

Llama and cactus notebooks for elementary school store

You can get the llama notebooks that we have at the school store HERE.


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The kids are definitely going crazy for the llama theme so I knew instantly that llama themed Valentines would also be a big hit! I got to work creating this free printable and decided that I needed to offer it right here on the blog.

Free Printable Llama Valentines

These DIY Valentines are easy to make. Simply print off the Valentine printable and then affix a heart shaped lollipop.

Valentine Printable Perfect For School Valentine Party

Easy DIY sunshine and lollipops llamapops llama Valentine cards

Get the free printable Valentine HERE.

You can find more DIY Valentines HERE.

All are an easy way to create unique Valentines for Heart’s Day and perfect for giving out at the school Valentine party. Stay tuned for more printable Valentines or even ideas for the school party. I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day if you haven’t already figured that out!


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