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How To Survive A Toddler Fracture During Summer

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We have a toddler at our house.  A toddler who got a toddler fracture.  Never in my life have I broken a bone myself so the whole fracture world is relatively unknown to me.  Sure I worked around patients with broken bones in my past working in the Children’s ER, but those were all fresh breaks.  They left the ER and I never saw the recovery process.  So when my own son stepped down wrong, tripped on a toy and “twisted his ankle” I thought that’s all it was.  Just a twisted ankle.  Only it wasn’t.  It was so much more.


He just rolled his ankle on a toy and then refused to walk.  He wouldn’t even crawl.  He just sat on the floor and would say things like, “Carry me, Mama” in a pitiful little voice.  My heart broke the first time I heard those words.  I knew something was very wrong.  The ER doctors said it and the orthopedic’s office a week later further confirmed it.

er visit

He had the dreaded toddler fracture.

It was summer time. How does one survive a broken leg during the summer?  Here’s how we are managed and what helped to get us through. Particularly what helped the toddler get through it.

How To Survive A Toddler Fracture During Summer


Lots of cuddle time.

cuddle time

Let the little guy get lots of rest with you and his favorite friend.


Lots of reading books together time.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.13.45 PM

This book is our most favorite.


Lots of coloring time. 


I think these wooden stencils are the cutest.


Lots of Play-Doh time.


The Big Bucket is definitely the way to go.


Lots of enjoying nature time.

toddler fracture

Go outside, sit down and just enjoy the world!

Before you know it that toddler fracture will be all healed and he’ll be running all over the place!

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