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Suson Park is a very dandy place

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Have you ever heard of Suson Park?

suson farm

We have quite a few favorite parks in the Greater St. Louis area and Suson Park ranks very high on our list!  As a family we like to visit parks together.  It gives us the chance to get out of the house and get some exercise.  What else is better than that?  Saturdays are honestly the best day for park time because it affords the opportunity to have some family time to reconnect after the busy week we just emerged from.  The park of choice for today?  None other than Suson Park of course!

Suson Park is a county park making it totally FREE to visit.


Suson Park first opened back in 1964 and has quite the history.  (Keep in mind that I was born in the late 70’s so during my childhood Suson Park had already been in operation for well over ten years.  Just needed to make that point clear.  *wink*)  Growing up in the suburbs of a big city we didn’t have much opportunity to be around farm animals.  Even the world renowned St. Louis Zoo in Forest Park in all its splendor has nothing on Suson Park.  Sure our famous zoo has lots of exotic animals to see and it’s FREE to get in unlike other zoos across the country.  There’s just nothing farm related even remotely near Forest Park (where the St. Louis Zoo resides).  You’d have to cross over the river into Illinois to see real live farm animals.  So children of St. Louis and St. Louis County had visits to look forward to at Suson Park.  Many a school field trip visited the park and I’m sure that the park pavilions have hosted hundreds if not thousands of family reunions.  Suson Park is a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the big center.  A true gem that you will only find in St. Louis County.

What makes Suson Park so dandy?

For staters Suson Park has three lakes:

suson park lake

Must be the time of year for green stuff to form on one of the lakes.

But nevertheless it still looks dandy to me.

Don’t let that green growth fool you.  St. Louisans have been fishing in these lakes for decades.

Suson Park has farm animals. 

The acreage at Suson Park is large enough to accommodate pastures for several horses:

suson park horses


There’s even pig pens.

susan park pigs

At Suson park you will literally find all forms of farm life.

suson park goats

Even some billy goats!

Suson Park is a dandy place for all ages.

suson park

So if you haven’t been yet to Suson Park yet or you just haven’t visited there in a while then I suggest that you drop by stat. You will not be disappointed.  Suson gets my vote for the dandy park of the day.

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