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How To Sweep Hardwood Floors Without Much Effort

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When it comes to sweeping hardwood floors, I’m not a fan. Such a constant struggle. I always thought that I would love having hardwood floors. No stained carpet that needs to be professionally cleaned. No dust settling down into the fibers. No allergy issues. Hardwood floors just seem to be just the right fit for me and my lifestyle. Then we bought a house with hardwood throughout… Sure I love the look, but the maintenance is not my favorite. But recently I realized just how easy it is to sweep hardwood floors and it doesn’t require the hassle of a broom and dustpan.

How to sweep hardwood floors.

How To Sweep Hardwood Floors Without Much Effort

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My least favorite thing about hardwood floors are all the crumbs. Ugh. Those crumby things get everywhere. Then you know how when you try to sweep them up and they don’t all get into the dustpan? So you get a line of crumbs/dust that is just left sitting there on the floor? Yeah. Left right there in a perfect line. So then you gotta sweep it up again and again until you get it all. The horror and time of it all. As you can see it’s one of my big pet peeves. So finally I said, no more. I decided that I needed to get myself a robot vacuum and so I did. Not sure what to name our DEEBOT just yet but he sure does a good job at picking up all the crumbs!

It’s easy to sweep hardwood floors…


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Just use a DEEBOT to sweep hardwood floors!

The little guy just runs all around the house and cleans up. He’s compatible with Alexa AND with the press of a button or voice command, he’ll go right back to the home base to charge.


Right now you can even save $30-$50 OFF your very own DEEBOT. That’s how we bought him. You can just clip the coupon at checkout HERE and collect the savings!
I hope this little guy helps to keep your hardwood floors clean, too!

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