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Easy Sweet Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ideas for Christmas Morning

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Christmas breakfast is a delicious tradition in many families. It’s one of those special occasions when serving favorite breakfast foods is always a win. There are loads of different items and ways to make the meal unique from year to year. Make Christmas morning even more fun with trying sweet breakfast charcuterie board ideas this year!

breakfast charcuterie board ideas

Easy Sweet Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ideas for Christmas Morning

Here’s a really fun breakfast idea for Christmas morning. Make a sweet breakfast charcuterie board! It’s so much fun and a great option for enjoying the gift opening festivities so you aren’t in the kitchen all morning making breakfast. I love how it turned out and it’s definitely a tradition that I’m going to implement for years to come!

It’s The Holiday Season

The holiday season is busy. We all know this. Then Christmas morning come along and that’s busy enough as it is. And it usually starts really early with the kids wanting to open presents at the crack of dawn. I know that is not something that’s unique to our family. Most families (with young children) don’t get to sleep in on Christmas Day. That’s why I think that a breakfast charcuterie board is best as being one that’s of the sweet variety for on Christmas. Save the warm breakfast foods for on Christmas Eve. Go with something quick, easy and delicious on Christmas Day. And sweet is okay for that day, because we all know the kids will be eating candy for stockings for breakfast, too!

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Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ideas

Traditional charcuterie boards often combine various types of food that are mini in size; most of which fit a specific theme. With a charcuterie breakfast board you can take the most important meal of the day and use the typical eats or even go with something sweeter. While I am for the most part a regular kind of breakfast fan with fluffy pancakes, sausage links, sunny side up eggs and hash browns, I thought it would extra fun to create a sweet breakfast themed board for our family holiday morning. And for good reason. Our kids love donuts. And not just any type of donuts. They love what they call “real” donuts, the kind from the bakery. The following breakfast charcuterie board ideas are perfect for Christmas Day and more than a little bit of fun for your taste buds!

Perfect Breakfast Charcuterie Board for Christmas Morning

This idea is sure to be a crowd favorite at your house. Here are just a few of my favorite tips!

It’s time to build a breakfast platter unlike any other! I actually made this board for an Instagram posting to showcase the great options to be found in the Schnucks bakery. The first thing I did was go to my local Schnucks grocery store to get everything I needed for the breakfast tray. I even got items that were non-edible and purely to be used as decoration. (Sprigs of evergreen from the floral department!) I also made sure to get various fruit danishes to add pops of color. It just adds to the festive feel.

crestwood schnucks bakery

So many great options are available at Schnucks!

Place the donuts and other baked goods in different directions on a baking sheet or wooden board.

breakfast charcuterie board ideas

Add some festive decorative pieces of evergreen and fresh cranberries.

christmas croissant

If you want to add a few somewhat healthier options in terms of the bakery goods theme then you can use mini bagels, mini waffles, mini croissants, mini cinnamon rolls, avocado toast or even throw some donut holes onto the board since they are smaller and not as loaded with calories. For the “decoration” you can use small fruits and berries like fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.

Such a fun grazing board that kids will absolutely love to enjoy on Christmas morning! I mean and the adults, too. Because everyone loves breakfasts that are filled with sweet treats. And the best part is you don’t have to be a baker mama.

More Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ideas

What are some other popular breakfast board ideas?

Breakfast boards can of course also be constructed with hot foods like crispy bacon, french toast, mini pancakes and more. Basically any of your favorite breakfast items. There are just so many easy charcuterie board options!

Here are just a few other breakfast board ideas that I’d like to try:

The Cutest Breakfast Charcuterie from the Recipe Critic

Healthy Breakfast Charcuterie Boards from Cotter Crunch

Waffle Charcuterie Board from Made to be a Momma

Pancakes and Bacon Charcuterie Board from I Heart Naptime

So many different breakfast charcuterie board ideas!

breakfast charcuterie board ideas

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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