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Why I’m Taking My Daughter To See Beauty And The Beast

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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the new live action Beauty and the Beast. Tons of it. And it all has made me incredibly sad. Sad that there’s so much contention in this world. Sad that there’s so much lack of understanding. Sad that there’s so much negativity. At the same time I have hope. Lots and lots of hope. Hope that the world can come together to embrace a movie that has such a beautiful message to share. A message about love. Because I know that, in itself, can bring about change.

Last night the audiologist man and I saw an advanced screening of Beauty and the Beast. I came away from it truly touched and cannot wait to share the emotions with my own children. Yes, our children will be watching the movie. There’s no question about that. Most importantly I will be taking our sweet little girl to see it. There’s so very much that she can learn from this movie. As with any tale as old as time, there’s a definite message to be told and it’s undoubtably worth listening to.

Why I’m Taking My Daughter To See Beauty And The Beast

It’s about family.   I want my daughter to know that family is what binds us together. Family is always worth fighting for. It’s always worth rescuing. We stand together as one and support each other no matter what.

It’s about being different.  I want my daughter to know that it’s okay to be different. Knowledge is power. It’s important for a girl to get lost in a book or two or three.

It’s about strength.  I want my daughter to be strong willed and have a mind of her own. It’s okay to recognize that strength and we as parents need to nurture it.

It’s about love.  I want my daughter to see the beauty within and learn to love others. Even the villains of the story had their admirers. Because everyone is deserving of love. Everyone.

So that, my friends, is why I’m taking my daughter to see Beauty and the Beast. The message is simple. The message is one that needs to be told. The message is one that children should not miss. It’s a tale full of attributes that I would think all parents would want to share with their children. To teach the next generation about family, being different, strength, and most importantly about love.

Beauty and the Beast opens everywhere on March 17th.

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