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The Band’s Visit at The Fabulous Fox in St. Louis

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Last night was opening night of The Band’s Visit at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis. Positively unlike any musical I’ve ever seen. Read on to learn more about this new musical and find out why you need to see it.

Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis The Band's Visit

The Band’s Visit at The Fabulous Fox in St. Louis


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New Musical


The Band’s Visit is a brand new musical that is sure to be an instant classic. Already the winner of 10 Tony Awards, it’s an adaptation from a 2007 film with a story that needs to be told over and over again. An Egyptian orchestra is set to perform, but an error brings them to the wrong Israeli town. Only one night spent in the middle of nowhere, beautifully builds a bridge between two cultures. Individuals who wouldn’t normally get along are able to help each other, realize their commonalities, and develop connections. Through music and personal experiences, bonds are formed that will undoubtably be looked back upon as a fond memory.

New musical cast

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Jazz in a Musical

The music is phenomenal. So many fun and catchy songs with comedy mixed in. There’s even an amazing jazzy moment that isn’t often found in a musical. I’d say that was my husband’s favorite, because he’s a jazz guy. I was a particularly touched by the musical number, “Answer Me”. It’s a beautiful one.

The Band's Visit orchestra

Photo by Matthew Murphy

The Band’s Visit Opening Night

After the show we attended the cast party.



See The Band’s Visit at the Fabulous Fox

The Band’s Visit is at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis until March 8th.

Get more details and purchase tickets HERE.



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