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The Elsah Landing Restaurant Was Dandy

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St. Louis just in general is a city rich in history.  This spreads over to the Illinois side of the river as well.  Both St. Louis and the metro area have some really fabulous restaurants.  Ones that are famous really.  Some that have been around for years and others that have since gone.  One in particular has been on my mind a lot lately.  Are you at all familiar with the Elsah Landing Restaurant?  Have a sit and I’ll tell you about it.  Up the Great River Road (just north of Alton, IL) there sits the quaint little village of Elsah.  It’s one of several river towns that are so very rich in Illinois history.  The area has long been associated with riverboats and I grew up being fascinated by life in these slow moving towns along the Mississippi.  It’s just so charming and I love being able to now share my fascination with my own little family.  Taking a scenic drive up the River Road on a Saturday afternoon has become a favorite of ours.

elsah landing cooking

My grandparents loved the Elsah Landing Restaurant.  So much so that my grandmother was obsessed with their recipes.  Over the years she even bought multiples of their cookbooks.  (She had lots of cookbooks.  She read cookbooks.  She collected cookbooks.  I inherited many of them.)  The Elsah Landing Restaurant has since closed but the recipes will forever remain in the hearts of many.

The Elsah Landing Cookbook

The above cookbooks were printed at different times but contain many of the same recipes.  My favorite recipe?  The peach blueberry pie.  So yummy.  I’ll get around to making it again one of these days and share it right here on the blog.  Stay tuned…

The most dandy surprise?  When turning to that page (the peach blueberry pie page) I found one of my Nana’s recipe cards tucked in.  It made me smile.

peach blueberry pie

I loved seeing her writing again.

It’s a bit of family history that I’ll never be able to part with.

elsah landing cookbook

I love these cookbooks.

Do you have a favorite cookbook?

Want to try out the Elsah Landing Cookbook for yourself?  One is currently available HERE.

Don’t miss the Seeing Dandy recipes section.  There’s even some gluten free recipes here on Seeing Dandy!  I’ll be updating so stay tuned…

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