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The Finest Hours In 3D Movie Review

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Disclosure for The Finest Hours in 3D posting:  For the purpose of writing this review we received free tickets to the movie but all opinions are strictly my own.
Last week we had the opportunity to see a sneak peek of the movie The Finest Hours in 3D before it was released to the public.  First off let me tell you that The Finest Hours was two very fun, intense and thrilling hours.  Best of all it is based off of a true story that involved some real true life heroes.
My wife and I were invited to this at the local movie theater close to the homestead so we got a babysitter and headed out.  As this was prior to the national release of the movie everything was hush, hush.  We were told that we could not even bring in our phones.  Now for me that wasn’t that big of a deal, but for my wife that is like cutting off her arm.  I think had the movie not been as good as it was that she would have gone through some sort of blogging/social media withdrawal.  I was kind of worried about it but like I said the movie was so good that she didn’t realize that her best friend (that is what I call her phone) was locked away in the glove compartment.  Don’t worry they were reunited at the end of the film and continue their friendship to this day.  Anyway back to the movie…
The movie is based off of an event in 1952 when a major storm was off the coast of New England.  The storm caused an oil tanker to have major damage.  Enough damage to cause it to sink.  Due to this incident the Coast Guard is sent out to attempt to rescue the crew members on that potentially doomed ship.  Manning the Coast guard boat is Bernard “Bernie” Webber, played by Chris Pine, who is sent out to attempt this rescue risking his life and the life of his crew.  It also tells the story of how this affects those people that are left on the shore hoping that the Coast Guard helps those in need but also come back safe and sound.
Let me tell you this boat that they were sent out in is not very big and they were dealing with some very, very, very large waves.  All I can say is that it is very intense and had me holding my breath throughout half of the movie at least.
The other side of the story revolves around the members of the sinking oil tanker.  Casey Affleck plays Ray Sybert who is a crew member that has to take charge and make decisions that will affect the rest of the crew on the oil tanker.
Now I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t move ahead with what happens with the story but when it was over both my wife and I were impressed with the story, the acting and the effects.  We both could not imagine what it must have really been like to go through something like that.  But through the magic of Disney we have a pretty good idea of what it must have been like.  It also demonstrated the bravery that these men had in doing their duty and going out in a storm like that to help people that they don’t even now.
I would recommend this move to anyone to loves a good story and a great adventure.  Here’s an interesting look at what the Coast Guard is all about:

The Finest Hours in 3D is NOW open in U.S. theaters!  It’s showing in Digital 3D™, Real D 3D and IMAX® 3D!

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