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The Keeper Of Secrets: Collectors Cafe

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Can you keep a secret?  I can.  In fact you can just call me the keeper of secrets.  I’ve been keeping a BIG secret over the last year.  Possibly the biggest secret that I’ve ever kept.  Just over a year ago I found myself invited to participate in this blogger filming bit in LA for a company known as Collectors Cafe.  You may remember when I hung out with Larry King this time last year.


We filmed together at BiteSize TV .  We dined together at Craig’s.  We used the hashtag #LKCollectors.

It sure was a dandy time.

And then… I was asked to do some more work with Collectors Cafe and I’ve been doing that ever since.  Perhaps you’ve noticed that during 2015 I traveled to Las Vegas, LA, and NYC a couple of times each.  All the time for Collectors Cafe.  For over a year.  Keeping the secret of what Collectors Cafe is.  But guess what?  There’s an EVEN BIGGER part of the secret that I have been keeping.

Over the weekend news broke on ESPN about this company called Collectors Cafe unearthing the Jackie Robinson contracts.  Huge news in the baseball world.  Huge news in the world of history.  These contracts broke the color barrier in sports.  These contracts changed history.  These contracts are part of a baseball legend.  Much is owed in our lives to Mr. Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson.  His legacy will continue to live on.

TODAY these contracts will be displayed for the very first time at a press conference in Times Square.

Now that the secret is out be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all the news about…

Collectors Cafe!

CfiLkNPUEAEpTTc Image source: Collectors Cafe

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Happy collecting with Collectors Cafe!

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