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The Little Mermaid Costume And Her Boys!

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Disclosure for this Little Mermaid Costume posting:  I received the Little Mermaid costume to keep and review for the purpose of writing this posting but all opinions are strictly my own.

Happy Halloween!

halloween frankenstein

dandy halloween

We tricked.  We treated.  We joked.

Don’t ask me why but in St. Louis we are asked to tell a joke?

The adventure didn’t last long.  The children wore out quickly.  Somehow I remember going door to door for hours and hours on Halloween.  I think that was probably not the case and I am just having flash bulb memories…  We always thought things were bigger and lasted longer when we were kids right?

Costume SuperCenter sent us this adorably dandy Little Mermaid costume for our little gal to wear on Halloween.  She’s all about the Disney princesses and this year her request was Ariel.  Costume SuperCenter has tons of princess costumes to choose from so it was a difficult decision for her to make.

This darling Little Mermaid costume will fulfill the dreams of any little girl.  It’s light weight and durable with just the right amount of bling.  The crown and wand definitely completed the ensemble and made our little gal feel just like a royal under the sea princess!

dandy ariel

Another thing that’s really great about Costume SuperCenter is that it’s a shop that’s open all year round.  Not just in preparation for Halloween.  We all know how little girls love to play dress up.  This shop is the perfect place to purchase costume gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and more!

Want to learn more about Costume SuperCenter?

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Be sure to have a dandy time raiding your kid’s candy!  *wink*

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