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The Man In Red Only Comes To Those Who Believe

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The season of Christmastime is upon us. As parents, being the holder of Christmas morning magic can be tricky. It’s full of fun and wonder, but also the fear that one day the magic will be gone. Years ago I asked my sister-in-law some parenting advice regarding the man in red. What would I tell my children when they asked if he was real? Her answer was simple and yet profound, “Santa only comes to those who believe.”

Santa only comes to those believe the magic of the man in red.

The Man In Red Only Comes To Those Who Believe

The answer has served me well. Just last week my second grader told me that she heard Santa didn’t bring gifts to some kid’s houses. Instead their parents bought all the gifts. I just nodded and said, “Well, some people don’t believe in Santa and that’s okay. He only brings gifts to those who believe. Once you stop believing, he will no longer be the one who brings the presents.” She immediately responded with, “I still believe in Santa!”

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Santa Only Comes To Those Who Believe


This discussion actually ended up evolving into something more. Something bigger than even Santa himself. All about how some people believe and don’t believe lots of different things. For me it was a touching moment where I could explain to our girl that everyone believes differently and it’s okay.


Different Ways To Believe

Our kids know that some families have the elf who sits on the shelf and our family has stuffed bears that arrive to keep watch for Santa. It’s never been a question of why families have different traditions, or at least not one that has been thought on for very long. All families are different. We all even have different beliefs on religion, politics, everything. It doesn’t make someone bad or wrong to have beliefs different from our own and I think that Santa is a great way that children can learn this at a young age. Years from now they will reflect back on those differences. And the man in red? He can be the tie to being accepting of others no matter our various differences.


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Christmastime Magic

I don’t how long the magic will last in our home, but at the same time is the magic every truly gone? Our oldest has never said either way, but I’m fairly certain he knows. He wants his younger siblings to experience all of the same magic and for us to not be sad he has lost the belief. In many ways it’s sweet and exactly what Santa would want.

May we all remember the magic of Christmas morning and that Santa only comes to those who believe.


Happy holidays, friends. I wish you all the magic and wonder the holiday season and the man in red has to offer.


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