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The Mickey Necklace That Costs $3k

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Disclosure for this Mickey necklace blog posting:  This posting does contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale) but all opinions are strictly my own. 

Still at the WDW and still window shopping away.  I mean really.  Why spend those hard earned dollars on the gift shops here when you can just buy online?  After all we’ve already established that the shops here ship to your house.  So what’s the deal?  You buy it and then they ship it and you get it when you get home anyway?  That’s how it works so why not just skip the buying it at the WDW part of the equation?  Okay so that’s not exactly true.  I’ve caved.  We are buying plenty here.  It’s all about the experience and memories, people! But I won’t be buying THIS necklace…

I spotted this Mickey necklace:

mickey necklace

Wow.  Can you say gift shop markup?  Okay so it’s made out of real diamonds.  But still.  That’s a very expensive Mickey necklace and it’s not coming home with me.

Want to know what I found online?  This knock-off Mickey necklace for ONLY $5!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.16.43 AM

Notice there’s no ‘k’ behind that 5!

Sure it’s not real diamonds.  It’s made from Swarovski Elements Crystals to be exact.  But does that really even matter?  It’s only $5 instead of $3,000.  Plus it ships in 2 days and will be on my doorstep before we arrive home.  Not too shabby.

And… when the little gal loses it or breaks the chain in a few months we won’t be crying over that 3 grand.  *wink*

Perhaps you aren’t at Disney right now?  All the more reason for YOU to buy online.  Then you will be all stocked up for your next Mickey trip.  🙂

Get your own Mickey necklace for just $5 HERE.

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