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The Prom Musical Is For Everyone At The Fabulous Fox Theatre In St. Louis

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After a brief delay the show has gone on with the opening night of The Prom musical in St. Louis! This broadway hit opened last night at the Fabulous Fox Theatre and it’s a fun one with a great message.

The Prom Musical Is For Everyone At The Fabulous Fox Theatre In St. Louis

Opening night needed to be postponed due to cast members being sick, but it seems that everyone is well now and ready to perform!

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My Own Prom Experience

My own prom experience in small town Illinois is less than stellar and one of those high school memories that is best forgotten. Please say that I’m not the only one who didn’t like prom!

Short story. I went to my senior prom ALONE and I sat at a table with the boys basketball team, while their dates were all out on the dance floor, playing poker with them for match sticks.

Long story. I helped to decorate for the prom knowing full well that I wasn’t planning on attending. The principal heard that I wasn’t going to the dance and called me into his office to discuss. He said that the Homecoming Queen (don’t get too excited, my entire high school was like a total of 80 kids) needed to be in attendance for the prom. Something about me owing it to my constituents. Ha! I told him that I didn’t have a date and he said that he would arrange for a guy from his town to take me. (The horror!!!) I said nope and went by myself.

Needless to say it was nice to finally be invited to the prom. And getting to take my own date with me. It’s always a great time having my husband as my plus one. Sure do love that Fox Theatre companion of mine!

And I got a pretty wrist corsage!

Thanks so much for inviting me to opening night, Fabulous Fox!

The Prom Musical

the prom musical national touring company

Image source: The Prom, Photographer Deen Van Meer

Such a lively and fun show! Catchy music with talented performers and an amazing message that’s all about the importance of acceptance and love.

Show details/background: The Prom, Music by Matthew Sklar and Book by Bob Martin and Chad Beguelin. Lyrics by Chad Beguelin, Directed and Choreographed by Casey Nicholaw

Cast: Kaden Kearney as Emma, Kalyn West as Alyssa Greene, Courtney Balan as Dee Dee Allen, Patrick Wetzel as Barry Glickman, Emily Borromeo as Angie Dickinson, Bud Weber as Trent Oliver, Sinclair Mitchell as Mr. Hawkins, Ashanti J’Aria as Mrs. Greene and Shavey Brown as Sheldon Saperstein.

the prom musical Kaden Kearney as Emma

This is definitely a musical that everyone needs to experience. (Everyone being ages teen and up. See below.) There’s so much that can be learned by showing understanding, acceptance and love to everyone we come in contact with. We might have our differences, but we are all people who deserve to be treated the same.

While The Prom musical is inclusive and for everyone to learn from, just keep in mind that it does contain sensitive topics and language that might not be for younger audiences.

Add this one to your list of must sees. You’ll laugh, you’ll feel your emotions being tugged on and you’ll head home after with a lot of love in your heart.

the prom musical playbill

The Prom musical is playing at the Fabulous Fox Theatre here in St. Louis now thru February 6th.

Get your tickets HERE.

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