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The Right Eye Cream For Dark Circles & Wrinkles At 43

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I just had a birthday earlier this month and now I’m 43! Where does the time seriously go? With age comes the need to protect the skin under the eyes. It’s one of the first places to start showing age so finding the right eye cream is definitely a necessity early on.

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The Right Eye Cream For Dark Circles & Wrinkles At 43

I don’t feel 43. And some people say that I don’t look 43. But I am indeed 43. I just had our last baby this year (she’s 6 months old now) so perhaps my young kids are helping to keep me young. But my under eye area? It cannot tell a lie!

I’ve been using an under eye cream for a while now. Mostly because I’m super self-conscious of that area since I had skin cancer under my right eye about 6 years ago. The repair was amazing and the scar is next to invisible. But unfortunately I feel like that eye seems tighter underneath and doesn’t match up with the aging of my left. So I’ve also been fighting that sign of aging! 


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Best Eye Cream For All The Problem Areas



Vitamin E & Elderflower

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Vitamin EPerfect for reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles! This Vitamin E eye cream hydrates, smoothes and protects the delicate skin around the eye. Use daily in the morning and evening. A gentle pressing massage with this eye cream will also help to reduce the appearance of puffiness.

Get the Vitamin E eye cream HERE.


Elderflower: This is the right eye cream for cooling the skin around the eyes to reduce puffiness. Simply smooth around the eye area gently using your fingertips. Store in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation!

Get the Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel HERE.



Aloe & Camomile Eye Cream

Aloe Soothing Eye Lip Contour Care, Camomile Eye Make Up Remover, the body shop


Aloe: Use mornings and evenings to hydrate and cause a cooling effect to reduce signs of aging. Perfect for sensitive skin. This eye cream helps to protect against irritation caused by dryness. It’s a gel cream that is also great for using on lips and lip contours.

Get the Aloe Soothing Eye & Lip Contour Care HERE


CamomileTake care of the delicate eye area with this gentle make-up remover. Use it to remove eye make-up while soothing.

Get the Camomile Eye Make-Up Remover HERE.



Oils of Life & Drops of Youth

I’ve been using Drops of Youth for a while now and love how it soothes my under eyes! I’m switching to Oils of Life next to help with the dark circles.

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Oils of Life: You cannot go wrong with the Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Eye Cream Gel. It’s infused with seed oils and works on helping wrinkles appear smoother and fade dark circles look visibly faded. Make under eyes less puffy! 

Get the Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Eye Cream Gel HERE.



Drops of Youth: The Drops of Youth Bouncy Eye Mask instantly gives tired eyes a power nap! You can also use it overnight as a mask. Made with edelweiss, criste marine, and sea holly, this eye mask addresses the first signs of aging. 

Get the Drops of Youth Bouncy Eye Mask HERE




Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

edelweiss plant stem cells, moringa seed oil, fade dark circles, Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate, the body shop


Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate: It’s easy to refresh and awaken your eye area with this innovative eye concentrate! The concentrated formula is enriched with edelweiss plant stem cells and moringa seed oil. Features a roller ball pump to make application simple and fast. Instantly refreshes the eye contour and smoothes the appearance of lines, bags and fatigue.

Get the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate HERE


So many options to cover every skin around the eye concern!


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