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The Smile Of A Melanoma Fighter

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When you search “images of melanoma” you will find so many scary pictures.  You’ll see slide shows.  Charts showing how to identify what is and what isn’t.  You’ll see what I saw in community health classes in college.  The ABC’s of Melanoma.  Textbook images.  Painful images.  The images of scars.  So MANY scars.  Images of the progression when left untreated.  What going undiagnosed looks like.  The stuff of nightmares.  Of all the images you will find, there will not be a smile among them.  Yes, it’s important to know what melanoma looks like.  Of course it is.  It’s needed for early detection.  The detection that saves lives.  All of those fear provoking images are important, but so is the real face of melanoma.  The face with the smile.  The face of a melanoma fighter.


Isn’t she lovely?  This my dear friend Nancy.  In my mind she is the face of melanoma, because she is the smile of melanoma.  Her smile is proof that early detection is life saving.  Her smile is uplifting.  Her smile is helping others.  Because she is still smiling.  Nancy has melanoma, but melanoma does not have her.

Watch her melanoma story

Nancy is a fighter and she has shown melanoma no mercy.  Since her diagnosis in February of this year she has worked countless hours to raise awareness.  She has devoted her life to sharing her smile and message.  She has encouraged others to do skin checks.  Her message is saving others.  One smile at a time.  All the while helping others outside of melanoma, too.

Nancy is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend.  My life is better because she’s in it.  I wish that everyone could have a Nancy in life.  She is your biggest supporter.  Your biggest cheerleader.  Nancy has this huge heart and uses her talents to help others.  This year she has helped to promote my ice cream machine rental business and it means the world to me.  She’s so very giving.  Melanoma fighting aside I know that this year hasn’t always been easy for her.  It has been a tough one.  Nancy’s husband is a police officer and her family has struggled in the wake of turmoil here in St. Louis.  Just like Nancy he gives of himself every day.  No questions asked.  He just gives.

By trade Nancy is an editor of a magazine, but she’s also a part of an amazing company that is giving her a once a life time opportunity.


With Initials, Inc. she’s only a few sales away from winning a beach vacation for her and her husband.  It’s a trip that is so very well deserved and I sooooo very  much want her to get there!  Help me to say thank you, will you?  Thank you to her and thank you to her husband for all that they do in our city.

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I got myself that Weekender bag and cannot wait to travel with it to Hawaii next month.

(Stay tuned for more on that.)

Place your order HERE before December 31st to help Nancy reach her goal.

I look forward to a follow up post in January where I announce that she got it.  Thank you to all my dandy blog readers.  You make this all possible.

Thank you, Nancy.  Thank you, Nancy’s husband.  Keep smiling!  YOU are a melanoma fighter and YOU are such an example to many.  Thank you.

This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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