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The Tale of the Trendy Sandals Thief

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So I have a thief in my world and she likes to steal trendy sandals.


I know she looks innocent enough but you can catch a glimmer of deviousness in her eye can’t you?

Whenever a package is delivered it’s always ‘my’ this and ‘my’ that.  The life of a 3-year-old is all about possession.  Even with people.  Her friends or her brother’s friends are always, “Oh it’s my … !”  or “Are we going to see my …?”  She’s a character our little girl is.  So of course every package is, “my present!”

Like when the House of Glam boutique sent me these really trendy sandals…  


Right out of the box the gorgeously dandy trendy sandals were all hers.

I mean seriously.  How could she not resist the rhinestone sandals?

What can I say?  The girl knows her style.

For the time being I thought that I had convinced her that “her” trendy sandals were just a tad bit too big.  I thought I would have my women’s size 8 all to myself.  All was grand.  Life was good and dandy.





She caught me wearing her trendy sandals.

I’m going to have to hide them.  Then I’m sure she will forget about them.  Eventually.  You know what I’m for sure not going to do?  I’m not going to show her that the House of Glam has those trendy sandals in other colors besides my gorgeous camel color.  Aren’t all of the options gorgeous and fun?  Definitely trendy and sparkly.  The perfect sandals for summer.


(Available in black, camel, white and coral.)

Did you catch that I said my sandals?  Because they are.  My trendy sandals.


My trendy sandals from the House of Glam.

Oh and don’t worry or feel too bad.  There will be plenty of time for her to have her own trendy sandals.

For now these are all mine.

Do you have a little thief in your world?  What does your little thief claim as his/her own?

* I was given the above pair of sandals by the House of Glam boutique in order to conduct this review.  However, all opinions are entirely my own.

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