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Where To Buy A This Is Us Crescent Moon Necklace

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Over spring break we traveled to Eureka Spring, AR. It’s just 5 hours away from St. Louis so not that much of a journey. At least something that the kids can definitely handle. Anything that is pushing close to 10 hours just doesn’t work out so well for us right now. Perhaps when the kids are older but for now 5 hours is a great distance for us. We stayed at The Crescent Hotel in one of the cottages and I fell in love with the place. I decided that I absolutely needed a crescent moon necklace to always remember the beautiful place. So I got one. Not surprisingly, this type of pendant has become quite popular because of the This Is Us crescent moon necklace. It truly is a pretty jewelry look. Read on to find out where you can buy your own necklace. I’ve found a few different options to fit any style!

The Crescent Hotel was such a gorgeous place. I’ll be sure to do a separately posting to fill you in on why I fell in love with the place. But first all about the necklace…

Where To Buy A This Is Us Crescent Moon Necklace

There are so many different crescent moon necklace options. Different styles and metals can be found all over the place. I just wanted something simple for myself. So this is the necklace that I decided on and I love it.

My necklace is in sterling silver and available for purchase HERE.

The crescent moon necklace that Mandy Moore wears on the show is gold. I personally just don’t wear a lot of gold color jewelry. My wedding ring is in white gold and I just tend to wear more silver than anything else. But there are plenty of gorgeous gold pieces of jewelry out there!

Here are just a few in gold color that are similar to the one on the show:


Image source: Nordstrom Rack

I love how this one hooks to the chain. It’s available HERE.








Image source: Kohl’s

Just the right amount of bling! It’s available HERE.






Image source: Nordstrom

How darling is the presentation for this one?! It’s available HERE.

So many beautiful choices. The This Is Us crescent moon necklace is definitely a trend that I’m a fan of.




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