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Top 5 Pokemon Go Toys

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There’s a game this summer that is taking the country by storm.  I’ll admit that I too have gotten in on the Pokemon Go craze.  Our 8 year-old son has been all about Pokemon for the last year or so and now he’s all about Pokemon Go toys!  Naturally when my husband told him about this new app he was ecstatic.  Okay we all have gotten in on the craze around here.  Even me.  I’m hunting Pokemon like no one’s business.


My prize catch.

Now about those Pokemon toys…

Here’s my list of the:

Top 5 Pokemon Go Toys

#1:  Web Excluvise Pikachu Set


It’s limited availability and can be purchased HERE.


#2:  Pokemon Quick Attackers


I saw these Pokemon Go toys at Blogger Bash a couple of weeks ago.

They are dandy and you can get ’em HERE but they are going FAST.


#3:  Pokemon Battle Ready Pikachu


Get ready to go into battle and practice using this unique play set HERE.


#4:  Pokemon Action Figures


Collect Pokemon figures HERE while you collect Pokemon Go characters.


#5:  Pokemon Backpack


 While you hunt Pokemon use this backpack HERE to carry all your essentials!

Have you gotten in on the Pokemon Go craze?  

What about the Pokemon Go toys?

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