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Top 5 Short Sleeve Tunics For Summer

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Leggings.  I finally fell to the craze and I’m so glad that I did because leggings are so comfortable.  Am I right?  Sure I knew all about how great leggings are from back in the day.  I wore leggings in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Remember the look of wearing a pair of leggings with corduroy shorts OVER them?  Yeah.  I did that.  PLEASE say that I’m not the only one.  Looking back on that fashion trend I was hesitant to wear a pair of leggings again.  But I caved and leggings are amazing.  I plan on wearing them all summer so I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect short sleeve tunics to wear.  When wearing leggings it’s all about the tunics.  I need to wear a shirt long enough to make me feel comfortable.  A tunic is just the thing.

Here’s my top 5 short sleeve tunics that are perfect for summer:

1.)  Detailed Tunic


A simple detail on the back of this tunic makes it dandy.  Get it HERE for only $18.99.



2.)  Marled Fabric Tunic















With the contrasting crewneck this tunic is casual AND it’s only $11.99!  Get the deal HERE.



3.)  Printed Tunic


I’m absolutely in love with these vibrants colors!  Available in tons of patterns HERE.  At $29.99 it’s the highest price on my list but those prints though… Definitely a winner.



4.)  Dandy Deal Tunic


This ballet tunic is a real steal of a deal at only $13.99.  Comes in six different colors!  Get yours HERE before it’s gone.



5.)  Lace Tunic

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.36.30 PM

Gotta admit that I think this is my favorite.  So pretty don’t you think?  Perfect for dressing up or down.  And it’s only $14!  Get it HERE.


I hope you found a couple of short sleeve tunics to fit your style.  Now the big question…

Will YOU be wearing leggings this summer?  And if so how do you style ’em?

Let’s discuss in the comments!

Disclosure:  This posting could contain affiliate links which means that I earn a percentage of the sale but all opinions are strictly my own.


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