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Travel CoCo Key Waterpark in Kansas City Missouri

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Remember how I blogged about that dandy holiday we went on back in November???  How it was all warm and tropical?  A real tropical adventure?  Well, it was dandy, it was warm, it was tropical, and it was a holiday… Because we went to the Holiday Inn CoCo Key Waterpark Resort in Kansas City!

Coco Key indoor waterpark resort Kansas City family resort midwest travel

Travel CoCo Key Waterpark in Kansas City Missouri


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The weather outside is frightful!!!  It has suddenly turned cold AGAIN here in St. Louis.  Not just cold, but cold-cold.  I woke up to snow this morning.  Snow.  That is not supposed to happen.  I guess that I should expect this type of weather this time of year.  It is the week before Christmas after all.   Instead of dreaming about a white Christmas… I’m dreaming about that warm vacation destination we went to last month.

Winter trees in St Louis Missouri


You’ll probably also remember from that posting that it was cold in St. Louis then.  So our tropical adventure was a great getaway.  It wasn’t snowing then, though.  We have snow now.  I think that calls for another tropical adventure, right?!

Once upon a time we went to this really amazing hotel.  *Side note* If you are ever looking for a Kansas City stadium hotel then look no further than this one.  It’s the closest you will get.  Seriously.  Our friends who went with us are major sports fans (just like my husband is), so to have a view of both the Chiefs and Royals stadiums from our rooms… A highlight to say the least!

Kansas City stadium hotel with view of the Royals and Chiefs

Kansas City Stadium Hotel


Midwest Waterpark Resort

But I digress…  Back to the warmth.  Remember?  It’s snowing here.  Snowing.  I usually like snow, but this time around? Not so much. I have just too much to accomplish before next week!  Now I can just dream of warmer days.  The constant 84 degree tropical warmth… The sauna feel…  The warm mist in the air…  If you are looking for a unique Midwest waterpark resort, all of the above can be had this time of year at CoCo Key Waterpark!

Coco Key private cabanas, lazy river, water slides, water playground

    Doesn’t that look amazing?!  It was. Oh it truly was. For the entire family.


Family Fun At CoCo Key Waterpark


There are water slides to suit all age levels.

Indoor waterpark resort water slides at Coco Key

You know it’s not truly fun if you get a non blurry shot of Parker going down a water slide.  

Blurry = Fast!


Family Travel Ideas


There are pools of varying depths.

CoCo Key waterpark resort in Kansas City Missouri

Perfect for all age levels.


Staff At CoCo Key Waterpark Resort Hotel

As our stay came to a close we didn’t want to leave.  In fact a particular member of our party tried to stay.  We were completely checked out and heading to our car when Parker realized that “someone” was missing.  Night Night Bear.  (One day Parker will want to crawl under a rock at the thought that I am posting such a thing, but for now he is none the wiser.)  That dear Night Night Bear.  He goes everywhere with us.  Often for school drop off, but most definitely on trips.  Okay. Let’s be real. Parker hasn’t went a nights sleep without Night Night Bear since he was 15 months old!  Fortunately the helpful staff at Holiday Inn CoCo Key called up to housekeeping and had someone meet me at the room to search for Night Night Bear.  And he was found.

night night bear at CoCo Key waterpark resort

And we will be going back again and again to the CoCo Key Waterpark.  Because it really is dandy.

The End.

Disclosure:  I received a discounted hotel stay and park tickets in exchange for my review, but all opinions are definitely my own.

And we most definitely did go back. CoCo Key is not longer owned by Holiday Inn as it has been acquired by Adam’s Mark, but it’s still a great family travel destination that’s filled with memories. Be sure to check out our second visit to this fun indoor waterpark. It’s on the blog HERE.


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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