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How To Make Valentine Slime For Valentine’s Day Cards

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February 14th is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking about all the Valentine crafts and Valentine’s Day cards kids will be handing out this year at school. In years past I’ve printed something off from a favorite blogger or used printables from my own blog, but this year I wanted to actually get my kids involved in creating the Valentines. Slime is all the rage right now so I figured that Valentine slime would be a hit. Of course that meant we had to test out the slime recipe first!

Easy to make Valentine slime recipe to use for Valentine's Day cards.

How To Make Valentine Slime For Valentine’s Day Cards

Sometimes you just gotta step away from it all and make some Valentine slime. So we did just that right after school yesterday. The kids loved it and I loved spending time with them. The television was off for the first time after school in I don’t know how long! We had fun together and that’s so important. I’ve realized lately that I’ve been focused on things that aren’t important. Not really important. My life should not be defined by how many likes or follows I have on social media or how many people read my blog. These kids at my house are my life. My everything. As it should be. They will always be what’s most important. We need to have more days like this one and we will. They need these days and so do I. Sure I’ll still post things about our day to day life because it’s my journal of sorts. But if no one comments, shares, or likes it then fine by me. I won’t focus on that. I’ll spend more time focusing on the little hands that made the slime. Those little hands are what matter most. Always.

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Valentine Slime Recipe


DIY Slime

What you’ll need:


How to make it:

This slime recipe is so easy to make. I gave each of my kids their own bottle of clear glue and had them empty it into a disposable cup.

Kids making Valentine's Day cards.

We used a second cup to stir the water and baking soda together. Poured that into the cup of glue. Stirred. Then stirred contact solution in the mixture until the glue started to pull away from the side of cup. (I used almost a whole bottle of contact solution to make all 3 kid’s cups of slime.) Lots stirring!

Easy to make Valentine’s Day Cards.


We stirred in some fun baking sprinkles and glitter.

Didn’t even need to uses food coloring because the sprinkles actually dyed the slime for us!

Then the kids just had fun with the Valentine slime. So many laughs and so many smiles. A very dandy evening at our house.

Kids having fun together making Valentine's Day cards.

Kids will love these Valentine’s Day cards.

My plan is to put the Valentine slime in these 2 oz plastic containers and then slap an adorable label from Artsy Fartsy Mama on the lid and call it a day!

Valentine's Day cards pink and red glitter Valentine slime in cups on granite countertop. Easy recipe.

I hope that your kids enjoy this fun Valentine’s Day cards idea as much was my kids do!

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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