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5 Reasons To Visit San Antonio As A Family

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If I could give you one piece of advice then it would be to visit San Antonio, Texas. From 2002 to 2009 I lived there with my husband. It was where we lived as newlyweds; where we had our first apartment and first house. San Antonio was where we both worked in a medical center and where I finished college. Most importantly it’s the city where we made so many great friendships and where our oldest son was born. That South Texas town will always have a part of my heart.  I will forever cherish our time there.

5 Reasons To Visit San Antonio As A Family


1.) Visit San Antonio River Walk


This is by far my most favorite place to visit while on a San Antonio trip. It’s a dandy place. Almost magical. Another world entirely. I’m serious. The streets and city traffic are way up above the River Walk and you have absolutely no idea that it exists up there. Okay it is magical. The River Walk is just the River Walk. It’s a place all it’s own. Full of lush plants, restaurants, and fun. Yes, there’s even a nightlife on the River Walk. With children in tow we did not experience the nightlife as we turned in early each night to our hotel room. But there will be other trips to San Antonio in our future that will probably be sans children!

Oh. Wait. A. Minute. I DID venture out one night on the River Walk and it was a happening place. I had to walk down from our hotel to the CVS pharmacy to get diapers. Can you imagine? A CVS right there on the River Walk. It wasn’t a super huge store mind you but it had what I needed. I might have also picked up a couple of pints of Bluebell ice cream


2.)  Visit San Antonio Museums

sanantonio3 sanantonio4 San Antonio has so many museums. Seriously. So many. Our girl seemed to think that door at the Institute of Texan Cultures was from Frozen because she kept knocking on it and calling, “Elsa!” We also visited the Witte Museum and were pleasantly surprised to find exhibits that were audiology related. Guess that happens when the American Academy of Audiology is in town. (We just so happened to go for my guy to attend the conference. How convenient, right?) sanantonio8 sanantonio9

The Witte is such a great place for all ages. Education and fun abound.


3.)  Visit San Antonio Botanical Garden


When we lived in San Antonio we had an annual membership to the San Antonio Botanical Garden. Back in the day my guy and I used to just love to walk around the gardens. After our son was born we would still go to the gardens and push the stroller along.

For this trip back to the gardens we met up with some friends at the garden. It was so great to see them again! Isn’t it hard to move away? I’m going to get all emotional again thinking about it. Desi and I took several of the same health classes together during undergrad at the University of Texas at San Antonio. That girl and I became good friends! Our oldest was only 10 months old when we moved to St. Louis and Desi didn’t have any little ones yet. In 6 years time a lot can change.  Now there are 5 kids between us!


4.)  Visit San Antonio Zoo


Another day and another visit with friends. We’ve known these friends for 9 years! Before children we adults used to go out to dinner just about every weekend. We had LOST viewing parties where we would have hours upon hours of episodes saved on DVR. Once we had our first borns the days of staying up until 3am watching LOST were over but we still had dinner together. Even if it was just pizza at home while the babies slept in pack-n-plays. Great times but these days are great, too! For this friend visit we went to the zoo. The San Antonio Zoo is full of hands on activities for the kids to enjoy. My kids really got a kick out of “fishing” and learning about the safe (salmon), kind of safe (shrimp in safe zones), and not safe (shark) types of fish. We all need to be better educated on what we put into our bodies! They also really liked the hippo area. Now keep in  mind it’s not the largest zoo in the country but that’s not a bad thing. It’s easier on the kids to walk around I’ve decided. The zoo here in St. Louis… Oy.

5.) Visit San Antonio Architecture


I spotted the above on the facade of the Briscoe Western Art Museum and I love it.


The view from our hotel room was so amazing.

sanantonio7 sanantonio10

 No matter where life take us we will always remember the Alamo.

The part of San Antonio that our own Texas born enjoyed most? Spending time with “his” friends. As we started our trip back home he said that he’s going to miss them. And I have to agree with him. That’s the hard part about moving so far away. Life goes on. Time passes. Kids get older. But you know what? It’s amazing how when we were back together again it felt like we had never left! That’s the thing about true friendships. Once the connections are made they cannot be broken. It’s never really goodbye. It’s just see you later. Thanks for spending time with us, friends. We miss you already and hopefully we will be back soon. sanantonio5

You’ll have to let me know if you visit San Antonio!

*I received Passports to San Antonio for the various attractions mentioned above for the purpose of writing this review.  All opinions are strictly my own.



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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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