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Waitress Musical At The Fabulous Fox Theatre In St. Louis

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When a touring musical spends more than a week in a city, you know that it’s a popular show. Waitress is that type of musical. The Waitress musical is definitely a must see. Read on to get a sneak peek!

Waitress musical is now touring and in St. Louis at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

Waitress Musical At The Fabulous Fox Theatre In St. Louis

The Fox Theatre is the perfect venue for this gem of a musical. It’s sheer size is needed to hold the number of patrons who want to see this endearing performance before the tour leaves town. Last night my husband and I were able to yet again attend our favorite theatre for opening night. As expected, we were not disappointed!


My favorite date.

Remember how at Rock of Ages my guy boxed me out with the Playbill? Paybacks. *wink*


Moments From The Waitress Musical

It’s the story of a small town girl who finds herself pregnant while in an unhappy and abusive marriage. Seemingly destined to end up like her mother, she struggles to break the pattern. It follows the 2007 movie starring Keri Russell well but comes with catchy music and lighthearted comedy. Ultimately she discovers an inner strength for standing on her own two feet and the importance of friends who can become family.

Just a few of the stars of the show are Christine Dwyer, Maiesha McQueen, Ephie Aardema, Steven Good, Ryan Dunkin, Jeremy Morse, Penelope Garcia and Norah Morley. Interesting to note that both Penelope and Norah (sharing the part of Lulu) are St. Louis locals. I think that it’s fun this particular show holds auditions for a 5-year-old girls in each city on the tour. It was also fun to see Norah’s dance studio, Charmette, in the Playbill since our daughter own danced there for 3 years. Small world!

Scenes from Waitress The Musical and Joe's Pie Diner. Christine Dwyer, Maiesha McQueen, Ephie Aardema, Steven Good, Norah Morley.Image source: Waitress The Musical

I laughed until I had tears. At the same time I felt this sense of protective caring for the character and the challenges she faced. Everyone has struggles and trials in life. It’s important to find those who have faith in us for our own times of need, but also to be the person for someone else.


Enjoy Waitress!

Waitress with be showing here in St. Louis at The Fabulous Fox Theatre until April 7th. Tickets are still available HERE.

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