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What Kids Need For Back To School During A Pandemic

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Back to school during a pandemic requires some additional planning, especially since it has been quite a while since we’ve actually had a normal school year. The 2021-2022 school year will definitely be different than year’s past. Filled with some new additions to the back to school shopping list and things needed to prepare to go back for an entire year of in-person schooling.

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What Kids Need For Back To School During A Pandemic

No one really had to prep for back to school in the same way last fall. The 2020-2021 school year was unlike any other. There wasn’t a huge need for a back to school wardrobe right off because most everyone started school virtually at home. Sure there were lists of school supplies to purchase, but many of the items could be found in the junk drawer in most kitchens across America. New backpacks and lunch boxes for the most part were not necessities. Last school year was unprecedented and school life this fall is going to be comparatively normal, or rather as close to normal as it can be given that we are still technically dealing with a global pandemic. 


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2021-2022 School Year With Zulily

Schools will largely be back in session for the 2021-2022 school year. That means there will be lists of items to be purchased and now is the perfect time to start getting the things that you didn’t have to get last year. For parents who now have first graders, this is something that they for the most part missed out on with the kindergarten year. So this blog post is even more informative for them. It’s a way to be given some advice on the things that kids need for the school year, because it has been years since the parents were in elementary school themselves. And Zulily has everything you need for back to school!


Here are the things that kid’s need for back to school during a pandemic!


Face Masks & Hand Sanitizer

I really wish that face masks and sanitizer weren’t necessities for the fall, but unfortunately we are still in a global pandemic and that means these items are definite needs for the 2021-2022 school year. Hopefully next school year will be back to normal!

white face mask, clear bottle hand sanitizer, school shopping, shopping for kids, pandemic life, back to school during a pandemic 

Perhaps the virus will get under control before the 2022 part of the school year (hopefully), but for the time being face masks and hand sanitizer are just something that kids will need for back to school during a pandemic. There are so many great options when it comes to kids face masks. From Star Wars face masks to Harry Potter face masks, Zulily has it all. There are even Harry Potter hand sanitizer key chains to clip on backpacks!

Shop kids face masks at Zulily HEREFun Star Wars face masks and Harry Potter face masks!

Shop hand sanitizers on key chains at Zulily HERE. Perfect for clipping to a backpack!




New School Clothes

Shopping for new school clothes is so very easy online. There’s no need to run out to the store and everything ships directly to your own home. Plus, there are so many great styles and brands that fit all the latest trends. It’s definitely the place to find the entire wardrobe. Whether your kids go to private school or public school, there are stores online that have new clothes for all!

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Shop new school clothes at Zulily HERE. Cute styles that are totally on trend for boys and girls!

Shop kids school uniforms at Zulily HERE. Brands like French Toast and U.S. Polo Assn.!  




Backpacks & Lunch Boxes

This new school requires backpacks and lunch boxes that weren’t really a necessity for the kid who did school at home last year. Freshen up the 2021-2022 school year with a fun new backpack and lunch box. So many cute prints styles!

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Shop on trend backpacks at Zulily HERESo many great prints and fabric options to choose from!

Shop all the latest lunch boxes at Zulily HERE. Tons of lunch bag, water bottles and more!




School Supplies

This school year is going to involve actual school supplies again and not just what is found in the junk drawer of the kitchen! You don’t just need the stylish clothes for getting ready for the school season. You’ll need some stylish supplies, too. 

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Shop all the basic school supplies at Zulily HEREPencil cases, scented markers, sketch books and more!


Good luck with all of your back to school shopping and may you stay healthy and well all year long!



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