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Where To Find Reliable Babysitters

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Being a work at home mom doesn’t mean that I never leave the house. Even back when I was considered to be a stay at home mom, without the job(s), I still got out every now and again. I think that’s healthy. We moms need to take some time for ourselves and we also need date nights with our spouses. That’s my mom advice for the day. Now I will admit that when our first son was born I was soooo nervous about leaving him with a sitter. Back then the big question on my mind was: How do parents find reliable babysitters?

Mom advice and where to find reliable babysitters.

Where To Find Reliable Babysitters

Read on to find the best babysitters and learn how you can use code seeingdandy for an added bonus. The bonus is for sitters, too! 

The year was 2008. We were living in San Antonio, Texas with no family members remotely nearby. As a young married couple that worked because we would just fly home to Utah or Illinois a few times a year to visit. When Parker was born that changed. For the first time it felt like home was our home in San Antonio. We had a little family. There were no grandparents locally to watch Parker while Steve and I went to the movie or out to dinner. No aunts or uncles or teenaged cousins to babysit. In 2008 there weren’t many helps out there in terms of finding a babysitter. I learned quickly that the way to find reliable babysitters was to get mom advice by asking my friends who they used.

Friends share their favorite babysitters.

Not A Lot Has Changed

Ask a friend. Simple right? Not a lot has changed. Parents still ask their friends for babysitter suggestions, but we live in a different world from back in 2008. While we still have friends and acquaintances who we know from our kid’s schools, we also have a vast amount of friendships all over the community and are connected on social media. We trust these parents and know that if they use a particular sitter then we should too. That concept is the part of the mission of Bambino Sitters. A big part actually. Bambino is the place to connect with other parents in your community to find the best babysitters.

The Best Babysitters & What If There Was A Phone App For That

We are also living in a fast paced world without the extra time to reach out to multiple people when we need a babysitter. No one answers phones anymore and a text never gets responded to immediately. We are busy. With Bambino you can immediately view the information you need all right on a phone app. Just open the babysitter app and see who your friends and neighbors recommend or are using as their own babysitters. You’ll find the best babysitters in your community all in one place!


Help Your Friends

I’ll be honest when I say that we personally have a plethora of babysitters at our fingertips. Because we do. As an audiologist, my husbands works for a school of medicine here in St. Louis. Our oldest’s very first babysitter back in San Antonio (for when we went out on date nights, etc.) was actually an audiology student. She had already finished an undergraduate degree and was continuing on to receive her doctorate. We loved that sitter of ours and when people would ask we would recommend her. It was the perfect opportunity for her to work on the side or in the evenings while finishing school. These days we still have an audiology student or two who babysit for us. And we love sharing who we use with others because it’s two fold. We are helping other parents find the best babysitters and we are helping the audiology student to earn some income. Definitely a win-win for all involved!

Audiology student and Scooby Doo Halloween costume.

Parker with his first audiology student babysitter.


How Bambino Babysitter App Works

Bambino is a private phone app community where friends and neighbors find sitters they can trust right in their own community. Basically it’s a private social network that connects you to other parents in your community and who they recommend as being the best and most trusted babysitters. On this flip side this is reassuring for the sitters as well knowing that they will be sitting for their favorite family’s friends.

St. Louis babysitting app.


Easy way to book reliable babysitters.

Easy way to pay your babysitter with the Bambino App.

Reliable babysitters on the Bambino babysitter app.

Image sources: Bambino Sitters


Find Reliable Babysitters

Get the Bambino App HERE and be sure to use code ‘seeingdandy‘ at sign up. Parents will receive $10 off their first booking and sitters who sign up will get $10 in cash to redeem once they book their first sit.

What first drew me this particular babysitter app is the idea of community. I love that parents can connect with other parents and share their favorite babysitters. This unique app makes this age old way of asking friends about their favorite sitters that much easier. Join me on the Bambino babysitter app today!

Remember to use code ‘seeingdandy’ at sign up!


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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