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Why You Need To Hike St. Francois State Park After A Rain

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If you are looking for hiking ideas near St. Louis, Missouri then this is the post for you! Or you can just make plans to travel here, because this part of the Midwest has some amazing places to hike. We have been doing a lot of hiking these days. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook then you know this already. Hiking is the perfect family activity. It’s always a great time to get outdoors, enjoy nature, and just exercise. Stay tuned for more posts in the coming weeks letting you know where we have been hiking near St. Louis! For starters I want to feature yesterday’s visit to the Mooner’s Hallow hiking trail at St. Francois State Park. It’s a neat one and quite possibly my favorite so far.

Missouri hiking trails St. Francois State Park

Why You Need To Hike St. Francois State Park After A Rain

The best time to hit this trail is after a rain. Just be prepared for lots of mud. But it’s sooo worth it. There are so many water features to be found on this 3 mile hike. You can just wash your shoes off in the stream after you are down hiking and drive home barefoot like we did!

You’ll find this Missouri State Park at 8920 US Highway 67 North, Bonne Terre, MO 63628.


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Last Day Of School

Missouri hiking trails

St. Francois State Park

 School’s out for the summer! And it really could be forever depending on what fall looks like. It has been a crazy last few months with online school. But it’s DONE. Parker finished 6th grade, Ivy finished 2nd, and Graham finished kindergarten. Let the summer of fun begin!


If You Can Stand The Mud

We loved this hike at St. Francois State Park even though it was really muddy. After a rain is the best time to go so you can experience all the beautiful water features. As you can tell by all the green, we’ve had a ton of rain lately. That made the water areas even more neat to see!

Mooner's Hallow trailhead



What To Expect



Mooner's Hallow hiking trail

There are various types of terrain and elevations. Some rocky and sandy areas, but mostly vegetation along dirt pathways. Hence the lots of mud after a good rain!




Unique Rock Formations

St. Francois State Park rock formations

You’ll find tons of unique rock formations on this hike. Our kids loved exploring them all and speculating about animals living in some of the crevices!




Waterfalls And Other Water Features

Water features creeks and streams Mooner's Hallow Trail

Due to all the rain we had to carefully make our way across on the rocks to stay on the trail!

Sooo many gorgeous streams and creeks running throughout. I had to remind my husband that these are indeed creeks. In Utah such things are called rivers. Here? Definitely creeks, because our rivers are really wide across!


St. Francois State Park waterfall

Took this picture while standing on a rock in the middle of the stream!

St. Francois State Park And Other Hiking Ideas


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So amazing!

The video features the Mooner’s Hallow hiking trail at St. Francois State Park, the Sandstone Canyon Trail and Labarque Hills Trail at Don Robinson State Park, and the Myron and Sonya Glassberg Family Conservation Area.

All within an hour of St. Louis!

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