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DIY Wood Bead Wreath Ornaments Made Easy With Farmhouse Christmas Wire Ribbon

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Farmhouse style Christmas decor and handmade ornament crafts are always popular for the holiday season. Combine the two and you have a look that is absolute perfection for the Christmas tree. Wood bead wreath ornaments are easy peasy to make and don’t even require the use of hot glue. Such a simple DIY idea that will be the perfect final touch to your holiday decor.

diy wood bead wreath ornaments

DIY Wood Bead Wreath Ornaments Made Easy With Farmhouse Christmas Wire Ribbon

It’s no secret that I love all things farmhouse Christmas style. Truly such a gorgeous way to decorate for the Christmas season. A couple of years ago I made some really pretty nativity farmhouse style ornaments that became very popular. Made from a wood circle, the DIY Christmas ornament truly screamed farmhouse style Christmas. I was particularly proud of how the silhouette nativity ornaments turned out. And then last year I got an email from a magazine editor.

Each year the Country Sampler magazine has a special Farmhouse Style Christmas issue and this year my silhouette nativity ornaments were requested to be featured!!! Can you guys believe it?! Here’s the big reveal.

nativity silhouette wood slice christmas ornaments

country sampler farmhouse style christmas 2021 issue

Was I EVER ecstatic!!!

Wooden Bead Ornaments

This year I decided to make a mini wreath Christmas tree ornament using wooden beads. FarmhouseI think it turned out so cute and of course I’m happy to give you detailed instructions on how to make your very own. Easy to make using wood bead wreath ornaments that are seriously so easy to make using wired ribbon!

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Where Did Farmhouse Style Originate?

People often think that farmhouse style is unique to the United States and that’s not so. This classic style actually originated in Germany and Sweden clear back in the 1700’s. With large, sweeping porches, the homes found on farms were constructed in a way that was essential in caring for its the workers. Farm hands would come up to the house to eat meals on the porch.

Furniture and decor also served a purpose and were made from reuse. This style of living and decorating came over to the U.S. when farms became large in size. While I don’t personally live in a farmhouse, I think that I have a particular fondness for this type of style. I have significant family history with Midwest farmers. They worked the land, hundreds and hundreds of acres, lived in beautiful farmhouses with sweeping porches and even sewed kitchen curtains out of old feed sacks.

It’s part of my family and who I am today.

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Wood Bead Christmas Ornaments

Totally farmhouse Christmas and totally a unique way to make them. I like to think of it as like the secret ingredient on that cooking show… but in a craft.

Only 3 ingredients. I mean craft supplies. *wink*

What you’ll need to make wood bead wreath ornaments:

  • natural wood beads – I used beads that are 20mm in size because I prefer the look of the unfinished wood beads, but you could use something that’s colorful or painted, too. You can also chose to mix up the size of your beads to create different styles of these wooden bead Christmas ornaments.
  • wire ribbon  – That’s right! You don’t need jewelry wire or a piece of floral wire for this ornament craft. The piece of wire is in the ribbon!
  • baker’s twine

You should be able to find at your local dollar store!

wooden bead christmas craft supplies

Only 3 things needed!!!

Well, except for a pair of scissors. You will need some heavy duty scissors or wire cutters to cut the wire ribbon and twine. But every good crafter has tons of those scattered throughout the house. Am I right?

Directions for making wood bead wreath ornaments:

Step 1:  Start by pinching/rolling your ribbon together at one end. This will make feeding the ribbon through the hole so much easier. No need to use a large needle when you are using wire ribbon. That’s what is so great about this method. The wire in the ribbon does the job for you!

buffalo check wire christmas ribbon

Step 2:  Feed ribbon through each bead. Be creative with the number of beads and length of ribbon you use! I made my ornaments with 15 wood beads, but you can do more or less to achieve the specific look that you are going for. Don’t be afraid to make several in varying sizes. You can totally mix it up and even use different size wood beads. I also used a rather wide wire ribbon because that was the look I wanted for tying the bow at the top. But again do what works best for you and mix it up!

diy wooden beads christmas craft

Step 3:  Continue feeding beads until you reach your desired size of circumference. You can test the size by pulling the ribbon tightly on either side to form a circle and see how big your wreath shape is getting.

wooden beads craft

Step 4:  Tie off the top of the wreath and add the twin. When you’ve gotten your desired wreath size, tie the top ribbon pieces together tightly (this will help to really form that perfect circle) and then add a looped piece of twine before tying the bow in the wire ribbon.

wood bead craft

Step 5:  Trim the ribbon. You’ll want to cut the end of the wire ribbon that you fed through the beads. It’s going to look rough until you a nice edge on an angle!

red and black buffalo check wire ribbon

Step 6:  Tie a bow. I love that this method has the bow built right in. No need to tie off and then add a separate bow. Simply make a pretty bow at the top of the ornament with the ribbon that was fed through the beads and you are done.

wood bead wreath ornaments

So easy to make and looks so farmhouse Christmas hanging on your tree!

farmhouse christmas tree wood bead wreath ornaments

wood bead wreath ornaments

You’ll have to let me know what you think of these wood bead wreath ornaments.

This concept could totally be used to make wood bead garland…

Project for next year!

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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