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Easy to Make Wool Felt Ball Wreath Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

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Wool felt ball decor can be found everywhere for holiday decorating. It’s just so popular! And it can be really add up in price. Especially if you are getting items made out of real wool felt balls. Making your own wool felt ball wreath ornaments is easy to do and a fun way to decorate farmhouse style on your Christmas tree. Quite economical, too!

wool felt ball wreath ornaments farmhouse christmas

Easy to Make Wool Felt Ball Wreath Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

I love decorating farmhouse style for Christmas. It’s simple and just such a beautiful look for the holidays. A classic look that tends to last and last across generations. The look is also easy to craft at home.

Wool felt ball wreath ornaments are so cute for your Christmas tree and very farmhouse style. These are also great for placing on top of wrapped presents for a fun DIY gift idea that serves the purpose of decorating and as an ornament that can be kept used for years to come.



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Supplies you’ll need to make these wood felt ball wreath ornaments:

  • wool felt balls ( I used these ones here.)
  • string
  • large yarn needle
  • decorative ribbons
  • twine to create a hanger for on the tree (or you can use decorative ribbon)
  • glue gun and glue sticks


wool felt ball craft supplies


What you’ll do to make these wool felt ball wreath ornaments:


Step 1:  Thread a yarn needle and then pierce the wood felt ball. Thread a felt ball onto the string. 

army green felt ball



Step 2:  Pull to end. You’ll want to pull the felt ball to near the end of the string, but do not tie a knot.

christmas wool felt balls



Step 3 Continue threading felt balls. Build a wreath by adding felt balls in any order or combination that you prefer.

felt ball wreath craft



Step 4:  Tie string ends. Once you’ve put the amount of felt balls that you prefer on the string (to make the size wreath you are going for) then simply tie the two ends of string together.

felt ball wreath craft



Step 5:  Cut strings. You can cut the strings short. The next steps will help to hide them.

red and green wool felt balls




Step 6:  Add twine (or decorative ribbon). This will serve as the way to hang on the Christmas tree. I prefer the twine because it gives that farmhouse style look.

red and green wool felt balls



Step 7:  Tie a decorative ribbon and use hot glue. The ribbon will be used as a decoration but also to cover the strings that you just tied off and cut.



Step 8:  Affix decorative ribbon to the wreath. Be creative and use different ribbons with the different wreaths you make!

diy wool felt ball wreath ornaments

diy wool felt ball wreath ornaments

It’s that easy to make these cute Christmas ornaments! I love how these turned out with the different styles. So fun for the holidays and farmhouse style decorating for Christmas.



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