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DIY Dollar Tree Cotton Ball Christmas Wreath Tutorial

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Creating a festive and affordable winter wreath has never been easier when using cotton balls from Dollar Tree. It’s popular to adorn the front door with winter wreaths that have different textures. Ones using various mediums are also a plus. Creating a DIY Dollar Tree cotton ball Christmas wreath will bring just the right amount of winter wonderland charm to your doorstep. It’s a piece of cozy holiday decor and the perfect craft night project in one! 

winter cotton ball christmas wreath

DIY Dollar Tree Cotton Ball Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Deck the front door with budget-friendly style! The most popular festive decorations often come with a hefty price tag that can put a damper on Christmas gifts. Fear not, decorators on a budget! If you are even just a little bit crafty, you can achieve a stunning DIY cotton ball Christmas wreath using only Dollar Tree supplies. Each year I love to do something different with the double doors on the front of our house. And I also love shopping for craft supplies at my local Dollar Tree. There are just always so many different items perfect for crafting!

This tutorial will take you through all the steps of using cotton balls to make a simple, but festive wreath that is also so easy on the budget. It’s a craft that is perfect for beginners and seasoned crafters alike. Let’s get started and let the creativity flow, shall we? Gather your supplies, grab a hot cup of cocoa, and get ready to be amazed by just truly how easy it is to make a holiday wreath from cotton balls!

BUT first…

I’d love to share with you some of the other popular types of holiday wreaths, because maybe the cotton ball look just isn’t for you. There are so many simple yet elegant DIY wreaths.

What are the most popular winter wreaths?

Pine cone wreath: Also classic and timeless choice to decorate with rustic wreath! Pine cone wreaths embody the rustic charm of winter. Both natural beauty and earthy tones make the style versatile for complementing various decors. It’s easy to dress up or down by displaying plain or adorning with ribbons, berries, and other embellishments for the season. 

Evergreen wreath: Always popular for the season, incorporating fir, spruce, or pine branches, these wreaths represent the enduring spirit of winter. Their lush greenery is just the right color for the holidays and has the smell of a Christmas tree. Evergreen wreaths can be decorated with various elements, such as ornaments, ribbons, burlap ribbon or pinecones.

Berry wreath: These wreath are always a festive and colorful way to embrace the winter season. The vibrant hues of red cranberries, holly berries, or winterberry branches add a touch of cheer and vibrancy to homes and outdoor spaces. Berry wreaths can be combined with evergreen branches or other natural materials for a more rustic look. 

Grapevine wreath: Beautiful and versatile, these wreaths are a decorative element that can add a touch of rustic charm and farmhouse style. Crafted from naturally twisted grapevine branches, these wreaths offer a unique texture and earthy aesthetic that complements a variety of styles.

christmas wreaths

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DIY Cotton Wreath

I love making my own Christmas decorations and hope that you will enjoy the look of cotton wreaths as much as I do! Simple, yet elegant a cotton wreath  As the holiday season approaches, the desire to adorn the front door with a winter wreath intensifies. While the beautiful wreath designs  and garlands add a touch of cheer, there’s just something even more fun about crafting your own seasonal decor. This time of This DIY Dollar Tree Cotton Ball Christmas Wreath Tutorial will guide you through a simple and affordable project that will bring a touch of winter wonderland charm to your doorstep.

Dollar Tree Cotton Ball Wreath Instructions


14 inch dollar tree wire wreath form

Dollar tree bag of cotton balls


Hot glue gun/ glue sticks

Dollar tree white mesh tulle

Dollar tree Christmas trees

diy cotton ball wreath


Step 1: Apply some hot glue and then wrapping the mesh tulle around the wreath form. The mesh will help provide something for attaching the cotton balls. 

winter wreath craft
white ribbon wreath

Step 2: Place a dab of hot glue onto a cotton ball and then place it on the tulle that is wrapped around the wreath. There’s not really pattern or exact number of cotton balls to use, but it seems to be that 3 across work well to cover from the top to the bottom.

cotton ball glue gun
cotton ball wreath craft

Step 3: Repeat this around the entire wreath form. You can stretch the cotton balls in a couple places if needed.

winter craft

Step 4: On the bottom of the trees is a white plastic piece that you can pull off. Then added hot glue to the bottom of the tree and place it in between cotton balls on the wreath. Repeat this for the 3 trees that were added to the wreath.

tree hot glue
diy cotton ball christmas wreath

Such an easy Chirstmas wreath to make!

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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