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15+ Must Have Unique Unicorn Gifts For Girls

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My daughter loves unicorns. My niece loves them, too. In fact my mom let me in on a little secret that it’s a unicorn Christmas at the grandparent’s house this year! So many fans of unicorns in my family. Ok let’s be real… I’m pretty sure that every little girl (even grown up girls) loves unicorns. They are so beautiful and magical. So it’s no surprise that the creatures are so popular. Alright. Confession time. I’ll have to show you my unicorn collection sometime. Sure I haven’t collected any since about the 5th grade, but I have quite the accumulation. Since I’m the connoisseur when it comes to unicorns then you’ll just have to trust me on the following unique unicorn gifts. There are several items (if not more) perfect for the girls at your house!

Unique unicorn gifts for girls. Baby unicorn Fingerlings, unicorn night light, unicorn crafts, unicorn dress with rainbows.

If you are looking for some unicorns for someone on your list then look no further. There’s something for every unicorn fan!

15+ Must Have Unique Unicorn Gifts For Girls


To Wear
Unicorn Hat with Scarf and Pockets
Unicorn Dress for Girls
Unicorn Pajamas
Unicorn Bike Helmet
Unicorn Jacket

Scarf and hat unicorn gifts.


More Unique Unicorn Gifts


For Her Room
Unicorn Night Light
Giant Stuffed Unicorn
I Love Unicorns Craft Kit

Night light unique unicorn gifts.


For School
Camelbak Unicorn Water Bottle
Unicorn Backpack
Unicorn Earbuds
Unicorn Umbrella

Umbrella unique unicorn gifts.



Favorite Toy Unique Unicorn Gifts

For Fun
Fingerlings Unicorn
Ty Unicorn Beanie
Unicorn Space Hopper Inflatable Toy
Furreal StarLily Magical Plush Pet
VTech Twinkle the Magic Unicorn

Fingerlings unique unicorn gifts.

So many unique unicorn gift ideas all in one place! We have several of these at our house. My daughter absolutely LOVES her StarLily and Fingerlings Baby Unicorn. Definitely cannot go wrong with either of those for your own little girl.

StarLily unique unicorn gifts.

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